Received Week of 9/22/2011

Hello brothers at WITTS,

Another testimony, my little 8 year old came into my bed 2 mornings ago, crying, that her neck hurt badly while trying to turn it one way. At first i thought “what can I give her for it”. Then it dawned on me. I am a man of faith and should seek God (Yahweh) 1ST, for healing what appeared to be a kinked neck. So I commanded the pain to go away and her neck to be completely healed and after thoroughly commanding 4 or so times in Yahshua’s name!

Almost Instantly, She was completely healed of the pain! It has never returned again!

Praise God!!!


I am so amazed and grateful!


It’s hard for me to wrap my head around all of these miracles.


I also want you to know that before i met you at WITTS i was already more than tithing, there are so many needs out there. And i have not stopped giving and am including you as tops in importance for giving to a cause.


Another miracle is that even though i am giving more than ever before and have huge bills Yahweh keeps meeting the needs. 


Praise Yahweh in Yahshua’s name!!!


Love you at WITTS!!!
Tom Linebaugh

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