Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Who In Heaven Do You Think You Are?, Pt 4

Guest: Timothy Martin

Guest Topic: Mysterious Extra-terrestrial Structures, Pt 2

Teaching Notes:

  • Out of the abundance of the heart….
  • Renewing One’s Mind daily with the Word of God.  The Word and renewing cleans up your act, if you want it to.
  • Heart / subconcious mind (terminology)
  • The Holy Spirit guides your heart (and mind) if you have submitted to Him.
  • The “Heart” is really the accumulation of what you’ve been spending your time with.  And if any man be in Christ, he is a “New Creation” from the inside-out.
  • Since Jesus came, whomever is least in the New Kingdom (according to Jesus) is greater than the greatest prophet of the old covenant (per Jesus, this was John the Baptist)
  • Gold, Silver and “Leading of the Lord” vs. “Prophecy”
  • Importance of the station of “Prophet” now compared to in old covenant: Much less.  The prophet is now IN YOU! (as a child of God)  That is one role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We are to be led by the Spirit.

Further Discussion:

  • The “Alien Treaty” – in the 50’s or 60’s – where USA at the time, chose advanced technologies and war hardware over peace, love, spiritual growth.   Gave permission to the gray’s to do abductions.
  • 1947 Roswell grays – 3 ships shot down by USA
  • Video clip shown about an oval saucer-looking object on Mars hanging over a cliff off Valles Marineris, also other Martian oddities
  • Discussion about trucks with dust plumes on the moon photographed and video taped
  • Discussion of the video taken on the moon of the old ruins discovered on the moon
  • Speculation on the origins of the moon
  • Discussion on Comet Elenin, Planet X, and Potential Destructions
  • Comet in the ’20s that was headed toward us, but was moved miraculously
  • Learn to take Authority! Everything is an opportunity to get closer to God!
  • More tornadoes this year in Ohio than the last 3 years combined
  • Moon landing fake discussion – why the debate
  • Dr. Wilhelm Reich – did he down a UFO?
  • Why was Tesla demonized in the early 1900s?
  • Why the Kingdom of God is good for you here and now, not just in the afterlife, or in eternity
  • Daniel says in the latter days the people of God will be strong and do great conquests in the name of the Lord.
  • Heart = where we go when we die – where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also, another reason to constantly think about the good, the pure, the virtuous, the positive, etc.
  • Miraculous healing of the mother of Randy – she kept listening to Norman Vincent Peale and reading his books, and her Nun friend praying for her, and visiting her, and she gradually got her healing when son was 2 yrs old.  She’s lived at least 43 yrs longer than the doctors said!  Faith is action, Be Determined!  Take it!
  • Example Faith and David and Goliath
  • Discussed a video about a bank foreclosing on owners that didn’t even have a loan, and the judge ordered bank to pay legal fees for their error.  The bank refused, and so the owners foreclosed on the bank, and got their money!
  • Prayer for a brother listening who requested prayer for problems with lust
  • Energy solutions discussions


Parts of videos shown:






Everyone should listen closely to the teachings here in the audio and what is written regarding the difference between prophesy and a “leading from God” as well as a “leading”.

They are 4 different things!

A prophesy needs to PROVE to be, 100% accurate to be a Prophesy from God. Duet 18:20-22. everyone should read this scripture.

A leading is NOT a prophesy.

And there are 3 kinds of “leadings”.
1.  Leadings from The Holy Spirit (The Spirit of God, or Angels of God)
2.  Leadings from your own spirit
3.  Leadings from other spirits.

2 and 3 are for the most part, a waste of time, and mean little, as far as validity of future events. (AND YET THAT IS WHAT MOST RELIGION AND “PROPHETS” FOLLOW. As well as what most people, on this planet, follow)

Number one (1) Is 100% accurate (from God) but in “leadings”, it come from the Holy spirit, to your spirit, and then to your mind and then out your mouth. So there are several places there, (mind, mouth, in some cases, your own spirit, as well as the transfer system from one to the other) that are not perfect, so a lot of room for error to enter in.

In practical results, leadings are about 10% accurate up to 95% accurate. Depending on who (the human) it is coming through.

People who are serving God full time or more, in the calling God has on them, Tend to be about 50% to 95% right in their leadings.

The closer we each are in our DOING, the calling of God (The perfect will of God) in our life, The Closer we will be, to 100% accurate in our leadings.

Many people have been serving God for their whole life, and do not have a clue about how spiritual things work.

We are not recommending that you buy Dinar at this time.

The WITTS Missionaries leadings on Silver is as follows;

It will finish its sideways trading soon, and go up from there.

Silver will re-test its 50$ high, then fall back briefly, then break through.

Once it closes at 51$ or higher, it will keep advancing to the 100$ level.

It will move from 51$ to almost the 98$ level very fast. (One month only or 2 months only)

Silver price (per one troy ounce) will reach its 240$ a ounce in 6 months to 13 months from now. (So as early as Dec 10th 2011, or as late as 27th of July 2012)


Remember, The Bible tells us “As many as are led by THE SPIRIT OF GOD, THESE are the children of God”

It does not say “as many as are led by Prophets”.


Each of us is responsible to learn to hear from HIM and walk in HIS POWER. GOD Asks that of each of us.

If you want to learn how to hear from God, study this entire channel closely.

If you get leadings that are pretty accurate, CONTACT US. You are invited to join the World Improvement Team.

Benefits include, access to advanced technologies, eternal life, personal training, teachings to hone your abilities, The Power of God activated in your life, Authority and Power over all the Power of the Dark Side, and much much more.

You will be tested first, so do not come dis honestly, but rather, honestly and sincerely.

God Bless You All!



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Who in heaven, do you think you are? (part 4)

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Mysterious Extra-terrestrial structures (Part2)

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