This week Sir T taught about “Salvation of the Soul” James 1:21. Is this the same thing as salvation? What are the differences? Also, we discussed whistleblower reports of antigravity being intentionally hidden from the public.  And we showed a bit more of our former spokesman Ron Brandt’s video that we’ve been reviewing the past two weeks where he discusses his development of what has now become known as the QEG.  How are Gemstones really formed in the earth?  We hear a fascinating lesson in geology from an expert in rock formation.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Salvation of the Soul”

This week Sir T will be teaching on “Salvation of the Soul.” James 1:21
Is this the same thing as salvation? What are the differences?


Technology & World Highlight:

–>Another whistleblower, Dr. Paul Laviolette, discusses technologies classified as they were shown to have application in antigravity applications.

The Underdogs of New Energy



Previous spokesperson for WITTS Ministries, Ron Brandt, continues his 1995 presentation (part 3) of his extraordinary Perm-Mag electric motor and shares thoughts on his experience developing and testing what has recently become known as the QEG or Quantum Energy Generator.




–>A fascinating lesson in how gems are really created

How To Find Gemstones II




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