Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on End-Times Teaching: “ENCOURAGE One Another With These Words” (2nd Thessalonians)

Guest: Kim Haugaard (from Denmark)

Guest Topic: Health Secrets and Healing Success Using the QUEET

Further Discussion:

QUEET Use In One Application




Greetings to all ! In the Great and Wonderful Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

This week our online teaching on advanced technologies will be changed to Monday, instead of the normal, Wednesday meeting.

It will be toady at 2 PM Eastern USA time.

This change is due to our Dear brother Martin who handles the technical end of it all, being not available Tuesday or Wednesday. (Also the time difference between here and Denmark)

But it will be posted in our archives, so if you can not watch it live, you will be able to watch it in the normal archives any time you like.


Sir Timothy will be starting his teaching, from Gods Word on the subject titled END TIMES TEACHING: “ENCOURAGE one another with these words” (2nd Thessalonians)

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear an encouraging word from God. As this world and this country seems threatened from every direction. What does the future hold?

This is your opportunity to find out! If you care about the future, this is a opportunity to learn how to be the difference! What do we each need to do now?

On our second part of the program, our brother and special Guest,  Kim Haagaard from Denmark, will be teaching about health secrets and healing success using the QUEET. as well as other methods.

Brother Kim is a practicing alternative healer,

Below is a little about Brother Kim Haugaard’s history:


  • He has successfully treated and helped thousands of people regain their health!
  • 5 years Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • 2 years Reflexologi and optimal diet
  • Training in Auriculo therapy and frequency medicine
  • Training in Posturologi and Manuel therapy
  • Training in Herbalisme and Homøopati
  • Training in Bio-resonance and Magnetic therapy

If you enjoy learning about alternative healing, this is a program you will not want to miss!

Question start now. send to email or on the chat window. mark them , “Questions for the program” in the subject.

Questions may be on any subject.

God bless you all !

And we thank God for each and everyone of you!

Each one of you are all a great blessing to the World Improvement Team!