WITTS / Sir Timothy’s Reply Regarding 2 Timothy 4:20:

(Question about 2 Timothy 4:20 from Kyle Smith)

Hello Brother Kyle!

Jesus also left a bunch sick at Nazareth.

Each person receives according to their faith.

All of us have had to leave someone sick, somewhere. We never can get everyone healed, everywhere.

Even Jesus could not do that. ‘He could not do any mighty work in his own home town, except that he laid hand on a few with minor ailments and healed them. AND HE WAS AMAZED AT THEIR UNBELIEF’ Mark 6; 5,6 Mathew 13;58

If the person does not believe he IS (already)healed, God is not going to force healing on them. People must co-operate and participate in anything that comes from God, or they will not get it. (or they will get it to a small degree, only)

Jesus often said, “according to YOUR faithbe it unto you”. See Mat 8:5, Mat 9:29, Luke 5:17-26 and many more.
HE NEVER SAID “according to MY faith, be it unto you”.

Obviously, Miletum did not have the faith needed for supernatural healing.

People get depressed or down for many reasons. When people get like that, they are leaving their faith and getting into negative attitudes. (Opposite of faith or faith in reverse)

The Bible says “Stir up the gift within you” 2 Timothy 1:6. The gift might be The Holy Spirit, or The love of God, or Faith or health or healing.
We must stir up all Gods gifts, everyday.

That is why it is so important to feed on the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive, THE WORD OF GOD.

“We will reap what we sow.” Galatians 6: 7

If we sow depression or “I am not good enough” etc. we will reap more problems more reasons to be depressed.
If we sow Optimism, Love , Power, Faith, Joy, Happiness, Courage, Strength, we will reap more reasons to have all these things.

Jesus said, “He that has, more will be given, He that does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him”. Mat 13:12, Mark 4:25.

The seen, grows out of the unseen.

Health and healing and prosperity and every good thing grow out of Godly Love, godly Faith, peace Joy Kindness, Goodness, Etc.

There are many days, I wake up and I can not move my legs. (I used to be paralyzed in my legs) What do I do? Do I moan and grow and bawl and squall and cry because I lost my healing?

No, I just start praising God! Because I am healed. Even if the natural doesn’t look like it, my body is healed. I believe it, I meditate on all the scriptures, I praise God that the Bible is true every time! Because it is true! And pretty soon my legs start to work.
“God is true, even if every man (the body of man) is a liar”Rom:3:4.  The sensations of the flesh will lie to you, sometimes. Do not accept feelings or sensations that do not line up with the word of God. (the body has not been redeemed yet, so it will give us trouble, sometimes. We must lead it, our body, as a slave. 1 Cor 9:27)

Instead, seek and find, and grab hold, of the GREAT REALITY OF GOD! Hang on to that! Believe That! We are truly HIS sons! God is so good!

God is 100% faithful to do his part if we do ours. Our part is simply believing that God and His Word are TRUE!

God Bless You!
Sir T and Team World Improvement Ministries