Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Treasures From Heaven, Is it Possible Today?

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin

Further Discussion: Gemstones in Puerto-Rican Church


Gemstone video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-yIkMtTl4Q




Treasures From Heaven, Is it possible today?


In the Bible there are many accounts of God miraculously providing manna and other food and other valuables (Treasures) from heaven.


It became so common that various sayings came into use. Such as God opening the “windows of heaven” and the like. (See 2 kings 7:2 and Malachi 3:10 and the 5 books of Moses)


Is such a thing possible today? Do we have the same potential for blessings from God?


We will be showing a few short clips of Churches on this earth where these things are happening NOW and in recent years.


A fascinating program that you will not want to miss!


Sir T will first have a short motivational speech on the subject of 3 points to remember for you to achieve success, financially.


Brother Timothy Martin will be our guest on the exciting topic of Treasure from Heaven, Is it possible today?


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May God’s Richest and Best Be Yours!


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