Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Investments for Eternity, Pt 4

Guest: Timothy Martin


Further Discussion: ET’s, “The Gray’s”, experiences with “The Grays”, The Triune Polar Field, Alien video of a small gray alien, probably an adolescent


THIS WEEK.  Alien Video.

Greetings and Blessings to all!

Tonight was an Excellent Program On Investment Strategies For Eternity (PART 4)


Our Guest was our dear brother Timothy Martin! We showed Video clips of Places nearby and far away around the Universe. Including some excellent videos, NEVER BEFORE AIRED!

Of Not Only The Planet Mars, but also other Awesome things God is Doing, But also We Have Never before Aired

As a Special treat tonight! Actual Footage of Extra Terrestrials!

You read that Right! The little Grey dudes that fly in their super fast, hi-tech Ships, Traversing the great voids of both Both Space and Time!

A Mind Blowing Video, Close up, and personal! For The first time ever, To be Shown, on any public forum!

Tired of the blurred videos that you think you are looking at a smudge? This is one of the Clearest, Closest, Most detailed, Ever Released!

These are the people/aliens That Sir Timothy and others have worked with on various top secret projects, as has been mentioned on previous programs!

Awesome Video! Only recently leaked!

Little Grey Dudes, Up close and personal!

What is their agenda? Learn from someone who has worked elbow to elbow with these guys.

Are they the menace that so many claim? Or are they just like the rest of us, Just doing our best to serve God as He leads?


On a future show, we will also cover the new Madrid Fault, And what happened last time it went off. The Greatest Earthquake in the last 200 years!

As Well as, How often this thing Starts Shaking and how bad?!

What does the geological record say?

The last one lasted for over 10 years! With many months, several times, Shaking WITHOUT STOP.

Imagine a earthquake lasting 2 month! Or More!

The Rivers running backward!

Huge areas turning into QUICKSAND, that stretch for as far as the eye can see, in every direction!

Whole towns disappearing!

Vast Lakes appearing overnight!

Other Huge Lakes Disappearing over night.

Other Lakes Boiling Hot!

Sand spitting out hundreds of feet in the air. Geysers appearing out of no where. Quicksand appearing out of no where.

What is the probability of this happening again?

How many times has it happened in the past?

Tell your friends that live in any of the USA to be sure to tune in! This next eruption and Quake COULD VERY WELL EFFECT EVERYONE! LAST TIME THIS FAULT WENT OFF IT SHOOK ALL OF USA AND PARTS OF CANADA!

This is a program your friends will not want to miss!

Tonight at 10 Eastern USA time.

You are invited to send in your Questions Now. Or during the Program on the chat window.

See you there!

God Bless You All!

The World Improvement team.

Time: 10 pm Eastern USA time.

Place: www.justin.tv/worldimprovement

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