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We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

This week we welcome Brother Riscalla as our guest teaching on, “The Power of Prayer!”

Sir T will also have a word on “Jesus will appear a second time to those looking for him” – Hebrews 9:28

This will be another exciting, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!

Technology & World Highlight:

Hallelujah – Pentatonix (LYRICS)

They Live | Based on a True Story

Additional dreams and visions others are sharing about the rapture. This week we’ll review a couple more of them and consider the messages and meaning behind them.

God sent me a dream about the Rapture

Were Angels the first to inhabit Earth? Are they simply spirit, or can they be physical beings interacting in 3D like you and I? Numerous scriptures seem to reveal the truth about this interesting topic.

Were Angels Here Before Us?

–>Sister Claudia’s Music Picks of the Week:

The Maranatha! Singers – Give Thanks

Thank You Lord – Don Moen

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