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Hello Brothers & Sisters!

We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

Brother Rand will be joining us as our special guest and teaching on: “Good vs Bullies.”

Another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!







Technology & World Highlight:

When very young, how do we learn all the things necessary to survive and function in this complex society? Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how easily we’re programmed from birth to become who we are and what we believe.

Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)




Electrogravitic propulsion – what is it and how does it work? With various types of advanced methods and confusing terminology, Sir T will dispel the myths, drawing upon his years of hands-on experience working around these technologies.

Love Tesla Tech: Electrogravitics Game Changer ~ Redefining Propulsion with Russell Anderson (15 min to 25 min)




Must see Ex KGB Yuri Bezmenov Deception Was My Job 4 6 YouTube








–>Sister Claudia’s Music Picks of the Week:

O Come, All Ye Faithful | Maranatha! Music (Lyric Video)


O Come Let Us Adore Him / Thou Art Worthy – Lyrics


Silent Night, Holy Night | Maranatha! Music (Lyric Video)





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