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Hello Brothers & Sisters!

We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

This week Sir T continues teaching, “These things that I do shall you do also, and even greater things!” John 14:12

Another fascinating, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!







Technology & World Highlight:

The Other Side of Faith Part 1 (First 10 min 30 sec)




It Has Begun..Thousands Take Microchip In Sweden..The MARK OF THE BEAST Is Here. (first 4 min 29 sec)




Using his common sense and ingenuity, this previously retired Nebraskan has developed cost effective methods for growing organic citrus crops for his local community… even during winter.
(start to 8:41)
Nebraska retiree uses earths’s heat to grow oranges in snow




UFO Investigator: 400+ cases, Jesus stops Military “Alien” Abductions.








–>Sister Claudia’s Music Picks of the Week:

Rock Of My Salvation – Maranatha! Music


He Knows My Name by Maranatha Singers





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