This week, Sir T concluded part 3 of his teaching on CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE GOD KIND!  Brother Max joined and shared a personal story that appears to also confirm the existence of the Mer-people.  We also share an inspiring story of a scammer turned good-guy when given a chance by one uncommon individual.  And more bad news for the bad guys – it just keeps comin!  And is plasma for waste destruction finally mainstream?  We hope so!  Attempts to commercialize this clean & green solution several years ago were shut down by the “powers that be,” so we hope this good idea finally catches on!  …Join us for another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Sir T will be concluding the 3rd part of his teaching on close encounters… of the GOD kind!

This will be another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!

Also, our guest will be Brother Max… with some encouraging words and another chapter/verification in the mermaid saga!





Technology & World Highlight:

–>At one time or another, most of us have come across the scam offer from a wealthy Nigerian royalty who needs help moving money out of his country. This new twist from a Liberian asking for help may change your mind about these scams

From Scammer to Saint








–>This is really good news…

Sean Hannity 11/14/17 – Hannity Fox News Today November 14, 2017




–>Matter is said to have 3 different forms: solid, liquid, or gaseous states. What some refer to as the 4th state of matter – plasma, may help eliminate the astounding amount of waste produced by the billions of humans everyday.

How Plasma can fix our waste problem | Tom Whitton | TEDxMontreal






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