This week Sir T brought continuation of his teaching on, “Secrets to Eternity… Secrets to Eternal Life!”;  Brother Kelly Black joined as well to share some spiritual insights on this un-program.  We also discussed some of the science behind geoengineering and weather modification, including hurricane modification.  And an online eye exam?  One group has done it!  ….Another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T continued his teaching on, “Secrets To Eternal Life!”

Another fascinating, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!


Brother Kelly Black joined as well to share some spiritual insights on this un-program.


Technology & World Highlight:

–>With the continuing hurricane threats being coaxed out of the middle of the Atlantic ocean, one might question why this year things seem so extreme? One meteorologist has come forward to blow the whistle on what’s really going on!

Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agendas ( Dane Wigington )




–>Many people deal with having to correct vision issues with glasses or contact lenses. Can an online eye test be effective in determining correct prescription eyeglasses? You might be surprised!

Stossel: Eye Test Innovators vs Bottleneckers






E: Rand: As a result of the teachings of this ministry, I have seen MANY miracles including parting storms and overriding technology. So hurricanes are for US to take authority over. NO PROBLEM when we follow God’s directions.

Q: ray20450: Q for Sir T-surprised to find out that Gerard Morin and his motor-explanations-Geoff S, Miller,Eric Dollard-Aaron Murakami-Babcock-late J. Newman all saying same thing for getting free energy.

C: Mike Sproston: Are the ET’s redeemable – I heard the Roman Catholic Church has plans to baptize them?

C: Leif: Investigate into the HUMAN MUTILATION performed by ET’s.  They are not at all that innocent, and do far more gruesome things. Search youtube for “UFOs and NATO The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014 Richard D Hall” Note: graphic imagery!  (Sir T has also addressed this in previous un-programs)

C: elektronz: Really clear photos of Alien Ships released yesterday. Ships briefly ‘decloaked’ .Purpose similar to chemtrails -they are ‘Dropping the Gas’ above houses, to Mind Control and keep people dumb.

C: Owen Dean: Sir T: My dad just recently had an Octuple (that’s right 8) by-pass surgery, we discovered The China Study (book) and have gone in full. He has been able to go off almost all meds. Have your read it?  -Also I’d like prayer for him to have a new heart supernaturally. Thanks, Owen.

E: Linford Wenger: Amen to what brother Kelly shared. When we pray in the Spirit, it’s like seeing God himself taking over the situation. Speaking in faith is like giving God the right of way.
I had a sense or peace of God that led me to the drone. It reminded me of that when brother Kelly was sharing.

E: Owen Dean: Yes we are winning!

E: Linford Wenger: My son who just bought a cool drone with LED lights got out his control last Monday evening. Wind took it over a highway into a large cornfield, or hayfield. (Couldn’t tell.) We prayed. God led me to it. I’m still in awe of God’s goodness, and mercy over us in the little things, and definitely agree to give God the right-of-way over the big things! Praise the Lord!

Q: elektronz: What sort of questions do ETs ask people they meet -or do they feel they are more advanced and just keep quiet?

C: paul: Science is less about reality and more about progress or whatever… UFO’s, water witching, exotic energies, big foot, Christianity, Gulf war syndrome, etc., should not be considered delusional..

C: Michael Remington: Kim John Un says North Korea poised for crippling EMP attack. That could be the EMP prophesied.

C: Leif: we cancel that (potential EMP attack) in Jesus name.

Q: Rand: This showed up on Facebook, what think ye? “Irma is the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s so strong it is even showing up on scales for measuring earthquakes…!!!” -Is this more evidence that technology being used?

Q: Is the HAARP technology used to spin the hurricane causing earthquakes??


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