This week Sir T brought continuation of his teaching on, “Secrets to Eternity… Secrets to Eternal Life!”;  Sir T did a brief Q&A at the beginning pointing out that the Ministry has been releasing working plans to real proven designs of gravity motors and other devices over the last few years and even within the last month (see previous programs).  Also, we review a story about when Lonnie Frisbee asked the Holy Spirit to come on Mother’s Day in 1980, as told by John Wimber.  And poverty and scarcity mentality is quite common across the planet; we discuss several reasons why.  ….Another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T continued his teaching on, “Secrets To Eternal Life!”

Another fascinating, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

–>John Wimber relates what happened when Lonnie Frisbee asked the Holy Spirit to come on Mother’s Day in 1980. While the story is remarkably amusing, the resulting outpouring of the Spirit that day proved to be hugely significant.

The Spirit comes: Mothers Day 1980




–>“Poverty annihilates the future” – George Orwell

What is it about the current political and economic systems of the world that continues the cycle of poverty and scarcity mentality? Rutger Bregman suggests some staggering statistics and a not so obvious solution.

Poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of cash | Rutger Bregman




–>SQUARE ONE Trailer Sept 2017 CF






C: Sir T. You give away to most valuable asset we have as Humans. You give your time, you educate and you serve. In my opinion you have a plate full of giving.
C: (Sir T), you teach us every week
C: … “Steorn (orbo) has announced that they’ve laid off their staff, and are liquidating their assets and winding up the company. ”
E: I just want to say it is AWESOME to be here in this fellowship!!!!
E: I agree, great to be with those who think alike.
E: Also agree. Great place to learn about God and His awesomeness! Thanks Rand, Sir T, and Bro Martin and all helping!
C: Plan to build an MWO (Multi Wave Osolator).
Generates Life force energy
Some call it Orgon
C: Before Lakhovsky developed MMO. He has healing success with just single copper rings (with an open gap) and putting them around plants and people . FroznWtr: ….those are called Oscillators…. Need to be of size and set at angle to the earth… Also on insulator stakes
C: John Wimber is the founder of the Vineyard movement/church.
Q: Yes. What do you think of the flexible necklace oscillators Lakhovsky sold?
Q: Question for Sir T- what about the promised pages about the UNRELIABLES in free energy field-tired of seeing so many capers/shills/unskilled tinkerers trying to sucker gullibles from their hard cash? Rand: I was talking about compiling that list and it somehow fell to the wayside. Apologies to Ray and all from me.
C: Sir T- Gerard Morin(youtube) revealed Tesla secret including his Arrow car….Your take?
C: If you eat regular gmo glyphosate etc. food supplements are useless. After viewing it-now only organics for me. Series ending tonight (9 parts series)
C: Best to buy separate food ingredients. They add many things in meals .
C: Single ingredient foods.
C: I grow my food in my back yard without any fertilizer.   I use worm poop (Worm Castings) for my grow medium. I picked a 5 gallon bucket of green beans today and Man those beans cooked will make your tongue slap your brain plum out of your head!
C: I started three years ago making my whole property into a permaculture farm If God doesn’t supply it I don’t use it I also either save my seeds from one year to the next or buy them from an
organic seed supplier Seed savers is one of them. I also have about 10000 worms making me castings everyday. I put about a lb to the square yard. (I grow) beans tomatoes potatoes okra cucumbers squash pumpkin corn.
C: My thoughts about “basic income”: Poverty can not be eradicated by handing out fiat currency. He (Jesus) became poor that you through His poverty might be rich. Having no lack whatsoever.
C: Yes Sir T they do (have hand-outs in Canada) but I have friends from their and they say it is not very good in Canada.
C: Jack, that’s for sure. Too bad all those tax dollars that haven’t even been paid yet have gone to pay for needless wars. I also wonder why people didn’t quit their jobs in the experiment.
C: They say with handouts -more people and have chance to develop an idea they have, and start a business .
C: The government doesn’t want you to have money.
Q:: Is pine oil -pine needle essential oil?
C:: (Re: Government giving money away to the poor) It’s just communism/socialism in disguise? Penalize those who start businesses and make jobs, while enabling people who don’t want to work to stay home. I agree all addicts need counseling, and God in their lives. That doesn’t mean that giving them more money to enable their negative lifestyle if they don’t want to change, is a good idea.
C:: Man is made to do stuff. The body and soul and spirit have to be made whole. Hearts need to be healed. When the heart is healed, the body and mind is healthy, it is a joy to do things (work). But working for the Babylonian system is not joyous, but grievous…. The work/eat thing is in church setting. A child does not work, but he / she eats, a lot 🙂
The good Samaritan helped the one who had been robbed, he was not working…. But the man who fell among thieves ate and got healed of his wounds, his stay in the inn being paid for by a merciful man.
Q: : Question for Sir T: How concerned should we be about quantum energy knowledge falling into the hands of those who would weaponize it and use it to commit acts of violence?
C: : A lot of disability is not truly disabled and is really laziness… I’m not saying all disabled are lazy…
C:: The hand-outs for the rich make the hand-outs for the poor pale in comparison. Perhaps we need to cut all the hand-outs for the rich and the poor won’t be poor anymore?
C: : G. Morin- latest videos were better- admits that he had to re-do his devices several times-he was learning along the way.Morin stated that within 1 yr he will demonstrate a motor to power a house. Bottom line -let us wait and see. Apparently Morin made expenses and many promises made to him broken debts.. Suggested to him to put his theories in PDF files, easier to understand.
C: : Here in Canada we have “free” health care but there are long wait times to get medical care.
C: : I work for God, not for money.
C: : The real problem is brokenness at every level of mankind. It is as if everyone in the world is a preschooler -even infantile, and a lot of them are given power and weapons. It is just pandemonium on a massive scale.
C: : Pr1:19, So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain which taketh away the life of the owners thereof. (Theft and greed are the same.)
C: : I transformed the queet into a wearable bracelet.
Q/C:: Anybody doing any charity for the hurricane Harvey victims? My whole family is headed down there next week. pray that we can be an instrument of the Lord.
C: : Canada’s health care is paid for from a sin tax on things of sin.
Q: : To Bro Martin: If there is no money on other planets, what is the method of exchanging time and work for other things on other planets? How to get everyone to be honest about work, needs, wants and abilities?
Kingdom of Heaven economy
C: : A Rights based accounting system is God’s accounting system
Accounting to Rights = true love creates eternal abundance and glory
C: Regarding Heaven’s economy on any planet: It sounds like everyone needs to get saved by Jesus first.



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