This week Sir T continued his teaching, Perfect love casts out fear!” John 4:18.  Brother Max Joined and shared an experience that went not so well as expected, and Brother Michael Remington joined to give personal testimony about a test almost anyone can do to see if they experiencing a food allergy – and how becoming aware, then avoiding the foods that his body was most allergic to tremendously helped him and helped his sister in quite visible ways. …Another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T continued his teaching, “Perfect love casts out fear!” John 4:18

Another fascinating, God-anointed teaching you won’t want to miss!


Guest: Brother Max joined and shared from his heart.

Guest: Brother Michael Remington also joined and shared a very interesting personal testimony related to allergies that everyone might use to see what foods they are allergic to.




Technology & World Highlight:

–>For over 600 years the Forbidden City in China has withstood over 200 earthquakes including the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century. How did the early engineers and designers of this magnificent construction create such a feat?

Earthquake proof structure




–>Although evidence and eyewitness accounts seem to confirm the existence of giants and past populations of extra large human-like beings… what about little people? Do extraordinarily small beings exist also?

NEW VIDEO!! Giants, Little People & Subterranean Secrets with Steve Quayle & Klaus Dona

9:15 for about 9 minutes




–>Coca Pulse Test for Food Allergies and Sensitivities






Questions & Comments:

C:  All the trouble, half-baked and insipid stuff of this world pales in comparison of the ambient glory of the Kingdom of God!

C: Jesus speaking in authority is another way of saying that one of Jesus’ main roles is King.  He demonstrated commanding in kingly authority as is for us also who follow him.

C:  Generally, folks who do not know the glory and righteousness of God, are insulted over the glory of God displayed in those who DO know God’s glory and righteousness.  Heaven’s norm is rather insulting to those who do not know it.  It can make the one displaying it somewhat overinflated.  But it is rather the heavenly normal.

C:   That is a great Picture!!!! That is the Divinity in Christ Jesus!   Great teaching Brother Max!!!


E:  Brother Max, thank you for teaching. I have missed your teachings.

E:  Keep it up Max…

E:  Yes. Well done Brother Max!

C: The scale for earthquakes generally stops at 10 but it rather goes up exponentially to infinity.

C: 8.35 50 megatons TNT blast 7.9 10.7 megatons TNT blast 9.15 800 megatons (Toba eruption 75,000 bc)

C: On the video they went up to 10.1 earthquake.



C:  The history of China have also been “adjusted”…

C: all history has been adjusted

C: Prayer request, court tomorrow. Wife’s ex trying to get custody of my two step sons. He is a non believer. Please everyone

Q: Brother M or T – What do you know about Short Waves (Example: Short Wave Radio) for Sending and Receiving Data?

C:  (Re: Giants) This is interesting stuff but I might have to see these giants to believe it….

C:  Sir T-Malgarini(Italian scientist) stated that to make a magnetic motor work=magnets made of different metals into which you input frequencies proper to each metal-is Witts building such devices ?     Malgarani posts can be found at  -the thread “Curiosity on chemical processes”.

Also a booklet by Leonard R Crow (1951)”….electromagnets for attracting copper.aluminum and other non ferrous metals” go to     Malgarini, Sir T, also has on page 37 of the thread ‘Curiosity of..” photo of Italian scientist Mandini ‘s machine for super luminal velocities-it looks what is on Star Wars(saga) spaceships.

C:  I have great comfort in knowing that the cosmos, present and future, is ours, and we are Christ’s and Christ God’s…

C:  – there is a story of a Giant found in Afghanistan. He was alive, however attacked US Soldiers and they took him down. Promptly removed his body

He carried a spear and before any of the men could do any thing, he skewered one of them.

The Tribe’s people told the soldiers that they know of Giants and steer clear of them because they eat humans.  He was estimated to be about 18-19 feet tall.

C:  That is awesome info on detecting problem foods. Very important info there.  Bro Michael Remington, this is an awesome teaching!

E:  MICHAEL – Thank You that was awesome.

E: Nice job Brother Michael Remington! Helpful information.

C:  Sir T- Malgarini has simple anti-seismic device invented by (late) Pier Luigui Ighina; Google Pier Luigi Ighina anti-seimistic device, also.

C:  Jesse Duplantis said… in prophecy… “If you will call upon Me as a whole body (body of christ) I will speed up time, and you will go to work in the Universe!”

C: Great point about the phone with answering God!!!




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