This week Sir T taught on “The Covenant and the Contradiction” Romans 4:18-22.  We discussed one alternative energy source – wind turbines, and some associated problems.  We introduce the well hidden “Agenda 21” global plan and discuss many of its ramifications.  And we talk a little about creativity, and the creative process, and how one successful inventor approaches it.  Another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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This week Sir T taught on, “The Covenant and the Contradiction.”  Romans 4:18-22

Sir T shed light on this subject from God’s word.

This was another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!





Technology & World Highlight:

Wind turbines are billed as environmentally clean alternatives to traditional electric power generation. What could go wrong? You might be surprised to find out!

Officials in the Texas Panhandle working to determine what caused a wind turbine to catch fire.


It’s ‘exceedingly rare’ for a fire to have engulfed this wind turbine in Iowa




–>Agenda 21 is Based on Communitarian Law and What it Really Means – Kevin Eggers




Chemist and scientist Robert Murray Smith talks candidly about creativity and how one comes up with new ideas. Not only does he excel at reinventing capacitor and battery technology, he has a refreshing way of looking at the process.

On Creativity





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