This week Sir T and Brother Max continue their teachings on “The Letters of Jesus to the Churches.”  We take a look at a well-done clip that reminds us why The Jetsons became a household name yet begs the question: where did our future go?  We review a recent magnet motor and discuss magnet motors in general: What is required to make them run?  We discuss a man who has continued to invent and reinvent an open-source super-safe Megafarad capacitor that  could replace batteries.  And we weigh in on the recent hot topic of “fake news.”  Another great un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp“The Letters of Jesus, to the Churches, Pt 2”

This week’s teaching will be, “The Letters of Jesus, to the Churches, Pt 2”

Brother Max will be joining us for another lively discussion on this fascinating subject.

Another inspiring teaching you won’t want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

In 1962 a weekly animated sitcom introduced viewers to a future where cities floated high above the ground and travel was as easy as riding an antigravity vehicle.  The Jetsons became a household name but where did our future go?

The world of The Jetsons, reimagined



–>Free energy generator, really working free energy magnet motor



There’s been a recent narrative from mainstream media outlets to be on alert to so called “fake news”. But who’s really responsible for the biggest and most misleading fake news on the planet?

WORD: 5 Stories The Mainstream Media Reported as Real, But They Were Fake



–>The Super Safe Megafarad capacitor




–>ABC News Fakes Crime Scene for Story





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