This week Sir T teaches on “The Letters of Jesus to the Churches.”  Brother Max joins us for discussion on this fascinating topic.  We review a speech from Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence on what led him to change his decisions on who to represent.  We talk about robots in industry, and we discuss a recent fireball filmed in Florida shortly after an earthquake.  Another great un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp“The Letters of Jesus, to the Churches”

This week’s teaching will be, “The Letters of Jesus, to the Churches”.

Brother Max will be joining us for another lively discussion on this fascinating subject.

Another inspiring teaching you won’t want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

Industrial robots have been around for decades, but only recently have they been employed for construction work at the job site. This robotic bricklayer appears to be a practical solution for larger projects.




Trial lawyer Gerry Spence shares a personal story about how money undermines justice and what led him to change his decisions on who to represent.

Fighting for the People | Gerry Spence | TEDxJacksonHole


Florida Fireball, Shortly after Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan





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