This week Sir T continues his teaching on “All Things Are Possible For Him Who Believes!” Mark 9:23.  We also talk about lightning!  Highlighting the work of a couple very successful young Russian experimenters, Sir T reveals some of the hidden characteristics of lightning, and shares some of the related work WITTS has done.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “All Things Are Possible For Him Who Believes!” Mark 9:23, Pt 2

Sir T continued this subject in which he is very experienced during tonight’s excellent teaching.



Technology & World Highlight:

A couple of young experimenters decide to see for themselves what’s involved in attracting a lightning bolt. They achieve success and have amazing up-close video documenting what happens just seconds before a strike. Sir T shared his own experience with lightning and comment on the workings of this natural electricity.

Catching lighting bolts with the help of a kite. Experiments with lighting bolts


The lightning struck in the TV! Cool! We caught a lightning by a kite.


Generating a lighting ball from a streak lighting!


The Song:

For The Lord is Good: 2013 (with lyrics)


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