This week Sir T taught on “All Things Are Possible For Him Who Believes!” Mark 9:23. Special Guest Brother Kyle joined and shared from his recent mission trip during the teaching time. We discussed Centripetal Force – what is it really? …Are the accepted textbooks right? Even learned people misunderstand this important force. We also discussed the mechanism of Anti-gravity, and then reviewed a new open-source device called “Farm Bot.” Would this be useful to you?

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “All Things Are Possible For Him Who Believes!” Mark 9:23

Sir T shared on a subject in which he is well-versed during the teaching tonight, and Brother Kyle joined in for a very special teaching.

GUEST: Brother Kyle Smith

Brother Kyle joined during the teaching part of the program and shared from his recent mission trip.



Technology & World Highlight:

Presidential politics are in full swing now that the election is just around the corner. If you ever had any doubt that US politicians and officials are not criminals with suits and neckties, here is another tragic example of crooks running amok.

Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey: Email Scandal Supercut


–>Real World: Centripetal Force


–>Antigravity Mechanism


A small farming robot has recently been open-sourced by a company in California. The FarmBot can be self built or purchased outright and can automate a personal-sized raised bed vegetable garden. Could this be the start of practical food production at home?

Introducing FarmBot Genesis



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