Sir Timothy taught about “You shall receive Power! – Acts 1:8”;  Guest John Butera discusses healings from his unique perspective having a healing practice in Woodland Park, Colorado.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “You shall receive Power! – Acts 1:8”


Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Here’s an interesting solar powered cooking apparatus. Very portable and temperatures can reach over 500°F. No doubt this would be handy in situations with no fuel yet plenty of sunshine.

GoSun Stove – Portable Solar Cooker – Using Only The Sun!



–Ever wanted to try your hand at cooking using only the sun as your heat source? This simple to build solar oven will allow you to cook your next meal on a budget.

Simplest Solar Cooker Ever! (cardboard and foil oven) cheapest/easiest how to DIY



–The hummingbird is one of the smallest bird species and exhibits some of the most amazing flying skills. This short clip exposes the incredible agility of the bird with the use of a high-speed camera and a wind tunnel.

What Happens When You Put a Hummingbird in a Wind Tunnel?






Guest: Brother John Butera – “Natural Healing”

john butera snapBrother John has a natural healing practice in Woodland Park, Colorado.

To reach him about natural healing, email Brother John Butera:



Questions & Comments:

C: When God delegates authority to man — its truly delegated.  Evil in this world is now our fault. Evil exists because mankind allows it. In fact the media promotes evil.

C: (Speaking of love) It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.

C: (Re: the evil that has found it’s way into the world) …we can use prayer to get the evil out (of the world).

C: (Re: rocks etc. communicating) Martin you KNOW what we can do with just 1 & 0’s.

C: keep your treasure in heaven – (and in its) heavenly economy

Q: What methods or sciences does Bro John Butera use to heal people?

Q: I drive a log truck. On March 30th a 26 yr old man ran into me and is in very poor condition. He’s had 1 surgery on his back and needs another on his neck. He needs Sir T’s and John’s prayers . – His name is Morris and is in LSU Medical in Shreveport, LA.

C: Pride is the biggest problem among believers.

Q: What types of healing have you seen brother John? When we share we glorify his name.

Q: Brother Batura, what inspired you to pursue healing as a career? What is your story?

C: Let Brother Tim know that the method of swimming in place that he described is called ‘Sculling’.

Q: Why Doesn’t Anyone besides WITTS Teach People on Building Anti-Gravity Remote Control Micro Space Crafts (UFO’s)?

C: Thank you (for praying and taking authority)

C: …I Almost Drowned Last Thursday (4-2-2015) Morning a 5:00 am Helping my Brother Last Week in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland moving a Sail Boat from Marina to Marina :((

C: Wow awesome testimonies! is this a special type of massage?   Please describe what Cranial Sacral therapy is.

C: Curry Blake of John G. Lake ministries has good teaching on healing on youtube – DHT Divine Healing Technician

C: The rock is an awesome story! Halleluiah!!!

Q: Does brother Batura use any sort of machinery for diagnostic of people’s problems?

Q: wow awesome testimonies!  Is this a special type of massage?   Please describe what Cranial Sacral therapy is.




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