Sir Timothy shared on the topic “The Nature of Faith” and our guest Brother Tim Martin shared inspired conversation with Sir Timothy.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Nature of Faith”

Often the people of God have the idea that faith only comes to those few whom God gives a special gift.

Is this true? Or is faith for miracles in your life, easily attainable for everyone?




Technology & World Highlight:

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With increasing concerns of having a supply of clean water available, is it possible to have your own well? Drilling a simple well may not be as difficult as you might imagine.

Well Drilling by hand  Auger from WaterStep

First 4 minutes



Sometimes it takes a young child to challenge our beliefs and break through the programmed ideas we hold on to as being the way it is. This young boy’s conversation with his mother might dare us all to think a minute about something we likely ignore almost daily.

Indigo Children (Try not Cry)



Could there be an atmosphere on Mars? According to John Lear and the caller in this clip, during the 1970’s Viking lander missions, NASA knew a lot more about the martian landscape then they let on.






Guest: Brother Tim Martin: “Moon, Mars & Keely”




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