Sir Timothy shares on the topic “The Authority of the Children of God, Pt3” and our guest Brother Rex joined us and shared on the topic of God’s Love.  We also discussed age reduction, healing, and limb regrowth with the Priore device, as well as some of The Ministry’s work on this.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Authority of the Children of God, Pt3”

Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include:

A brief walk on Christ the Redeemer. See how workers restore the lightening damaged statue of Christ the Redeemer, an icon of Rio de Janeiro.

Pirelli, an amazing walk on Christ The Redeemer



Antoine Priore is our featured subject this week. As many of our regular viewers know, years ago Sir T was involved in a comprehensive replication of Priore’s massive yet remarkable healing machine originally built in Bordeux France. Tonight, pictures and a short video clip of Antoine reveals the substantial hardware that was capable of healing cancer and other diseases as well as other almost unbelievable effects.

La machine Prioré, La Machine à guérir le cancer aux oubliettes


More Priore Pictures and info:





Guest: Brother Matthew Tibor (Rex) – “God’s Love”

Matthew Tibor (Brother Rex) visits with us this week as an avid student and gifted teacher of God’s word.  He publishes many of his insightful and easy to understand teachings and commentaries on his YouTube channel. While also being an expert on long range firearms, God gifted him with bringing into sharp focus what the spirit and fact of God’s word is there to communicate.  Tonight, Rex (as known on his channel) will be teaching on God’s love.

Brother Rex’s You Tube channel:



Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: Can Sir T elaborate on John 8:44 where HE says the devil was a murderer from the beginning. What do you think this means? Was the devil created that way: was corruption in him from the get-go? Is the Devil the same a satan? Thanks JB

C: Iwas hoping that someone would lead a Pray for today as follows: In Jesus Mighty Name: I command that ALL lies, ALL hidden works of the Devil over OUR Children world wide be revealed in the LIGHT OF GOD. I command that ALL those responsible for these evil works against OUR Children be brought to God’s justice and be revealed regardless of who they are. I command that ALL our Missing children be brought to the loving arms of God’s loving people to be saved and healed. I COMMAND THIS IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME NOW.

C: The number of children in the world who go missing or are stolen each day is staggering and that does not take into account the children who are hurt and abused on a daily basis. We have a perfect Father in God and I fell that we as Children of God are NOT TAKING AUTHORITY over this as God would wish.

Q: How does one build one of these machines (Priori Machine)?

C: Right on Rex like pagan holidays etc… when we change anything he made it is a perversion.

Q: Question for Rex..You mentioned the reasons for avoiding bottom feeders mentioned in Leviticus dietary standards. Your thoughts about avoiding eating rabbit?

Q: So does Bro Rex think that the Jehovah of the old testament was God the Father? Thanks.

C/Q: I think chewing the cud and splitting the hoof stands for us being clean. As we re digest the word of God Almighty Yahweh we are chewing the cud (like the readers digest) and splitting the hoof stands for having our feet shod with the godspell of peace rightly dividing the word of truth. (Your thought on this?)

C: Ultra-rich bankers “think” they are running the planet, from God’s perspective they are the ones responsible for ruining the planet.

Q: Sir T , with Prayers of authority, like athletes, is it not important to Visualize the results you are Praying for ?

C: You are no doubt right Rex as the heavens are above the earth so are Yahweh’s thoughts above our thoughts and his ways are above our ways.


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