Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “Physical Healing Belongs to Us!” and Brother “Max” joined us with some recent miracles he witnessed God perform on people through him while he was fasting!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Physical Healing Belongs to Us!, Pt2

Some Notes:

Exodus 23:15

Read the cursings in dueteronomy

Read the blessings in dueteronomy

Meditate on it one half hour.    Then read Gal 3:13 again.




Technology & World Highlight:

Enormous Cone Head Of Paracas Peru: Lost Human History Revealed

On the south coast of Peru, archaeologist Julio Tello, made an amazing discovery of a massive and elaborate graveyard containing tombs filled with the remains of individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the world. This was over 80 years ago.  More recently, DNA analysis has been conducted on one of the skulls only to find a newly discovered species.



Technology from Extraterrestrials

Whistleblower Don Phillips testifies not only that we have extraterrestrial technologies, but we have achieved tremendous technological advances from their study. Formerly with the US Air Force, Lockheed Skunkworks and CIA, Mr. Phillips worked on the design and construction of the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes from the 1950’s.  He talks in detail about what else these secret projects might be suppressing and what he’s working on at the time of the creation of this video.








Guest: Brother “Max” – Miracles While Fasting

Brother “Max” joined us tonight as our guest and engaged Sir T with some questions and answers.  We always look forward to having brother Max sharing his views and insights which often give rise to a deeper understanding of who we are in Christ Jesus.


Some Questions & Comments From the Show:


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