Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “How to Stay Motivated in a De-motivating World.”  Our guest Brother Jay Seegert shared some of the latest developments in the field of Creation Science.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – How to Stay Motivated in a De-motivating World;

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Technology & World Highlight:

Wine glass resonance in slow motion

Killing Parasite with Frequency

Resonance is a condition of vibration or oscillation employed in many areas of engineering, commonly found in electronic circuits used in radio and television. Not as widely known, it also has been applied toward helping rid people of disease and illness. This week we will touch on the pioneering work of Royal Raymond Rife and his unique approach to erradicating disease using resonance.



Howard Storm – The Future of the World

Also, we have another incredible short video with former atheist, Pastor Howard Storm. In his near death experience in 1985, he was given a look at what our earth could be like in the future. While some might envision a modern high-tech metropolis, what he was shown may surprise you!



Greatest Speech Ever Made Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator

A Very Encouraging Monologue
























Guest: Brother Jay Seegert – The Latest In Creation Science

Jay Seegert joined us again this week.  Brother Seegert was educated in physics and science and went on to co-found the Creation Education Center.  Tonight he’ll discuss more details about the latest state of things in the expanding field of creation science. This is always interesting since so much of the mainstream/corporate science community tends to leave out a most important piece of the puzzle. Creation Education Center


















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