Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “5 Simple Steps To Miracles In Your Life.” Our guest Brother Jay Seegert shared a very interesting short presentation about the Creation Education Center.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – 5 Simple Steps To Miracles In Your Life

A few notes:

1 Sam 17








Technology & World Highlight:


Two New Magnetic Toys

More interesting magnetic effects are to be highlighted this week. Sir T has spoken about and demonstrated these curious properties in previous shows, but recently these effects have been showing up employed in toys.




Howard Storm – The Future of the United States

We’ve got another incredible interview with Pastor Howard Storm. Experiencing a profound transformation during a near death episode in 1985, this week we’ll learn about what he was shown as the possible future for the United States. A very sobering, yet also hopeful future was presented. It is up to us!

















Guest: Brother Jay Seegert – Creation Education

Jay Seegert will join us as our guest this week.  Brother Seegert was educated in physics and science and co-founded the Creation Education Center.  Tonight he’ll give us a brief overview of the Creation Education Center and touch on:

• Science, the Bible and our school systems

• Origin of the Universe

• Origin of Life

• Origin of the Species

This certainly can be controversial material among many scientist and Christians alike. We definitely know he will give folks something to think about!


Creation Education Center –














Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: why did david take five stones? Did goliath have four brothers he was going after next?

C: Amen the Philippines had a physical disaster but Sir T is showing a Spiritual boldness… Spirit is moving…

C: Christ over Matter!

Q: did the man with the withered hand say how it happened? was it from birth, or some other reason.

C: What prevents most people from considering creation & a Creator, is that they know their sinfulness… and that it means they will be responsible for their sins “if God exists”… they first need to hear about GODS GRACE and that Christ has already done ALL that needs to be done, payment-wise.

Q: » Question for pastor Storm: Do you think a big cause of the modern church not including the history of creation is people pleasing or people just not being ready to hear? ..or both… Also, I was just talking to someone today about the great awakening – awesome!

C: far too many churches strive to “please the people” as a way to get large membership numbers… instead of allowing the Word to do its work, and let GOD grow the church…

C: The Word will always be offensive – to those who are living outside of God’s grace… it is suppose to expose our sin, and drive us into the arms of God who loves us enough to have already taken care of the sin problem.

C: Yes, but the people think they are saved, but still walk through the wide gate that leads to distruction

C: Let us differentiate between our Gov. and the people of America. This Gov is evil and pursues evil and evil against us. This nation is blessed with many of Jesus’ Bride so that will produce blessing and good.

C: Nothing wrong with “big” churches… “wrong” churches exist in all sizes… but large AND ‘right’ is a rare combination… and by Gods grace, I work at one of those places (I’m a media pastor, not a pulpit preacher). YES… Discipleship is what it’s about… FOLLOWERS, not ‘fans’.

C: For evil to exit….. Good men (must) do nothing

C: GOD has said HE will shake the Heavens and the Earth so that which is UNshakeable shall remain.

C: – very true. If it were not for the TRUE believers… members of the Body of Christ here in America, we would most likely have gone the way of Sodom and Gomorrah…We are the Salt of the Earth.

Q: Question for Seegart: Do you think a big cause of the modern church not including the history of creation is people pleasing or people just not being ready to hear? or both…

Q: Question for show: Why are people so caught up in the details of how God created us? Knowing it all will not make it any more or less then the love of God in creating us.

Q: What is the most far-out thing that Brother Jay Seegert can tell us that he found in his studies of the bible?

Q: I have another question for Seegart: Pastors confuse LIGHT with the SUN can you tell us the difference… Just saying.


C: The probability of any one person fulfilling only 8 prophecies concerning the Messiaah is about 1 in 10 to the 17th, the same as covering Texas 2 feet deep with silver dollars, blindfolding a man, tell him to walk in any direction, bend over and pick up 1 specially marked coin…

Q: Question for Jay: Do you think the earth itself is 6000 years old or just the current creation on the earth?

Q: QUESTION – As I understand it, when scientists explored what was beyond the atom they found conscience. Can you shed any light on this?

Q: to Brother Jay: I’ve heard that Genealogy study before. Soo amazing. maybe the first bible code?

C: (A follow-up to the request for prayer for my mom from earlier shows/chats) My mom is doing quite well- she is back home from the hospital- ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD!!! Jesus is awesome! ….Yes, I do admit I called Sir T. in a bit of panic…but he said everything is going to be ok.

Q: Question for the Show: With what has and is going on in the US, How do you think it will effect the rest of the world


















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