Sir Timothy Thrapp shares a detailed update on the super typhoon that hit the Philippines, and teaches on “Daniel 12”  Our guest Riscalla Stephen shared an amazing testimony of how he beat cancer.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Daniel 12

–Philippine Typhoon Update

–The Teaching: Daniel 12; Daniel 11

The People of God will be strong and will carry out GREAT exploits!

Must try to read that passage in the Complete Jewish Bible.






Technology & World Highlight:

Warning: Canadian Pacific Fishermen Catch No Sardines in 2013. 10/24/2013







Guest: Brother Riscalla Stephen – How I Beat Cancer

(a partial list of notes:)

1st thing he did was prayed to God – asked for Knowledge.

Highly recommended Structured Water –

Then he had to deal with the emotion LOVE, and got rid of fear.

Did breathing exercises – must laugh like you’re gasping for breath – oxygen kills cancer!

Phytonutrients – ask for them at the health food store – whole food

Certified organic apricot seeds

Blackstrap molasses 1tsp and 1tsp baking soda – with 4oz or 8 oz of water gently warmed with (Takes some getting used to)

The more he prayed, the more he looked, and the more information he found about cancer stuff

Look up world without cancer – the 55min version of it. B17 goes directly after the cancer itself!

Gerson institute in Mexico he spoke of –




When Brother Riscalla’s connection was lost as well as Sir T’s, Brother Rand joined the call and finished the show with Brother Martin!






Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: Satan tried to take you Brother! Jesus is always your Savior!


C: wow… sometimes I don’t know why I do things, like last Wed calling for prayer for Sir T… I didn’t even know he was there at the time… PRAISE GOD… keep praying!

C: I’ve been missing my favorite show! But (I am) here now…

C: Spirit kept urging me to lift up Sir T all week.  Praise the LORD He was right there in the time of need!


Q: Do Particulates from chem trails enhance ionosphere rays from HAARP?

Q: I heard a doctor say that caner is a fungus. What grows around the fungus is cells that try to corral the fungus. Anybody hear of that?

C: with regard to the letter read on the air of the brother saying that there is a burden on his heart to help somehow: I was talking to a Brother in Slovenia this week and he was expressing the same burden on his heart lately.  I think it is the Spirit of God doing this to many good brothers and sisters in Christ.  God is moving.

Q:  Any thoughts on the comet whos debris tail will hit earth for 14 day in the start of December?

Q: Prayer request: » Pray for a good Friend of mine critically hurt in car accident a few minutes ago.. Steve is his name.

Q: Brother Riscalla, did you just drink the structured water or use it in other ways?

C: I’ve heard about baking soda curing cancer. I’ve heard quite a few testimonies from people on the internet

C: SILVER can help as well (with stopping cancer)









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