7 Steps to Unlimiting God in You!; & ETs, Banking, Global Warming & Solutions

Sir Timothy shares how to unlimit God in your life! Our Guest Paul Hellyer, shared a tiny bit of what he’s uncovered about clean energy, ETs, and the most important problem he sees: Global Warming.



Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – 7 Steps to Unlimiting God in You!

A few scriptures and a couple notes for reference:


Mk 11:21-26 – Jesus said, basically, to walk in Love of God to see your limits unlimited.

Mt 22:37 – LOVE the lord your God with …, and LOVE your neighbor as yourself.

Faith WITHOUT love, according to Paul, is NOTHING!

HE tells us to LOVE HIM – for OUR benefit, not His.

HOW? Meditate, think about, the many good things God has given you that you like. That you needed.

Examples: righteousness, health, Love,

LOVE is an emotion, and a feeling from the heart.

Eph 3:16-20

Rejoice in the Love and presence of God. When you love Him, He is THERE.

WALK in His love always. Don’t let life get you down.






Technology & World Highlight:

Truth about GMOs is explained in a new animated cartoon, GMO A GO GO.  Learn some of the basic problems with the trend toward engineering genetically modified organisms.

During Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, did a daring group of Nazi scholars and technicians learn the secrets of anti-gravity and space travel from extraterrestrials?  See more in this video.







Guest-Topic: Paul Hellyer – ETs, Banking, Global Warming & Solutions

Our guest, Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of National Defense and also Senior Minister in Canada’s Cabinet, shared his take on the economies of the world, who really runs things in the banks, and the various roles of multiple species of ETs in technology exchange with the world.

No doubt it is becoming more common in these times for former government or military officials to publicly speak or write about topics that were once unacceptable.  Brother Hellyer discussed not only the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, but that they have indeed been here a very long time and have contributed to human technological advancements.

WITTS Ministries has been working to help expose these actualities and it is certainly encouraging that prominent individuals are stepping up to publicize these truths and are promoting changes toward sustainable and paradigm shifting technologies. We applaud Brother Hellyer for his efforts in enlightening the public to these greater realities!

Brother Hellyer says a good book he recommends is called “The web of death” – shows how the bankers pull the wool over people.  Available on his site: www.victoryfortheworld.net

He also recommended two of his own recent books: “Light at the end of the tunnel”, and “A Miracle in Waiting” also available at his site above, as well as a newsletter email signup.

His other website is: www.paulhellyerweb.com
















Brother Kyle called in with a testimony about commanding the weather to assist rather than hinder, the work of his brother who came over specifically to work outside one day.








Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: US Presidents have been assassinated for fighting central banks – what can we do?

Q: Is Brother Paul aware of US having a united states space military force? If so, does he have information about how vast the military is?

Q: I agree we need debt free money – how should the Gov get it into the economy?

C: Regarding money and economy, The secret of Oz was a pretty good documentary that Bill Still did

C: We need Lincoln Greenbacks – Debt free money direct from Congress!

C: Tom Tait: an answer to “want can we do?” is this, according to SirT: All it would take is 300 miracle grade-brothers to agree, to agree on overturning the governments one by one.  A great first step to being one of the 300 is to spend two hours a day with God and the Word.

C: Regarding the money solution: How about just getting rid of the involuntary, “voluntary” income tax » that would be a start

Q: What does Sir T think about the nuking of some of the underground bases in the last few years?  Are insiders warring against each other, or is this the work of extraterrestrial good-guys intervening to keep the elites from going underground and hiding?

Q: What does Sir T think about Global Warming? i thought it was really about Global Governance and was a hoax perpetrated by the powers that be to brainwash us for more control and taxation? » Isn’t the SUn, really more responsible for global warming than fossil fuel?

C: Romans 8:14 – For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

Q: Do you have knowledge of Project Pegasus Andrew Basiago Time Traveler Exopolitics. Is this true about DARPA’s development of such technology since 1960’s?

Q: As above so below. This is evident in many ways. So, it seems that the universe has multitudes of beings in our range of existence. Good, bad and all in between. Is this why we have folks from other planets working with our government?

Q: Would a queet help with freckles/age spots?

C: It’s not Nazi or ET physics or spirit physics. Physics is just physics. It’s just understanding nature created by GOD!

C: Regarding the women at the end of the video who could receive communications from afar using their long hair as an antenna, I heard that when American Indians were enlisted into the army and had to cut their long hair, they lost their ability to track (the enemy).

C: I visited bro Libby this weekend. He showed me the pyramid grid I sent him about a year back. When I checked it for the heat above the grid I could feel (see) that it is pyramid shaped. It had the four legs of the pyramid and a field of energy at the apex of the phantom pyramid. Do you think the dominant energy output is ramping-up?

C: Thank you guys for having Bro Paul on. I really enjoyed that, and I hope we can have him on again.














References & Links:

UFOTV Presents – The Aldebaran Mystery – Nazi UFO Secrets

GMO A Go Go – Truth about GMOs explained in new animated cartoon












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