Limits Are Unlimited; & Speaking with an angel!

Sir Timothy shares how Limits Are Unlimited!  Our Guest Brother John Hanselman, shares some of his amazing story how he was asking God what His will was, and an angel appeared and spoke to him, confirming what he was asking!




Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Limits Are Unlimited!

A few scriptures for reference:

Phil 2:13 – it is GOD working within you,

1 Cor 15:49 –

1 Jn 3:2 –






Technology & World Highlight:

In this video, Former Minister of Defense of Canada recently testifies the US government has been working with extraterrestrials
The Kapanadze Generator has been repeatedly replicated and is closely related to work by Nathan Stubblefield of WITTS.  See this video for one of the successful replications.
The March against Monsanto – what are the harmful effects of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) that have spread throughout the westernized world?  Watch here.




Prayer of Agreement – Pray for your own area:

• We pray that hidden evil be revealed to the American public more and more every day.  And also that God’s goodness be revealed to all, and that Truth be revealed.

• We bind those seeking to deceive others. The spirits that influence them are anti-God and anti-Christ.

• We pray that evil people be brought to justice in our local area.

• We pray for good people to have the courage to step up and become involved with things they wouldn’t normally, to fix the problems in a manner that the Holy Spirit directs.

• We pray for God’s people to wake up, that workers would be sent across the paths of those people to wake them up to reality, and we pray for harvest in our local influence.


• We pray for a halt the slaughter, the sickening, and persecution of Christians, children, and all people worldwide. And we pray immediate binding of those entities who advocate or support such things in any way.  This Includes ALL entrenched establishment institutions as well.

• We pray for Light to be spread in our local areas.

• We pray for Christians around us to become fully aware of their place in God’s heart, and their role on this planet and in their local community.

• We Bind all distraction spirits that keep people from seeking God with all their heart, mind, & spirit, in all areas of government, and areas local to us.

• We ask the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to the hearts of those near us.


• We bind any such entities causing physical or mental harm to people.

• We pray for confusion to be put in the the middle of all workers of darkness.  They like to plan and work together, we bind them and the spirits behind them in the name of Jesus.

• We bind all lying spirits in the name of Jesus, all deception, commanding them to be quiet and to cease lying.

• We bind all spirits of evil and command them to let go of people we talk to, and work with.

• We ask that God would help us foster a spiritual environment in our local areas conducive to people’s spiritual growth and walking in God’s paths.

• We pray that the people of God and of Light receive energy from on high to carry out God’s work in their sphere’s of influence, that the saints would not rely on their own strength, but do the good the should in the strength of God.


• We pray the spirit of Love to work through us every day and during every interaction with the rest of the world, drawing others to the kingdom of God.

• We bind the spirits behind those seeking to steal people’s Godly livelihoods, forcing them to be poor, or subservient and indebted to others.

• We bind spirits of bondage that enslave people in every form – greed, addictions, spending, emotional bondages, food addictions and all other forms of unhealthy addictions.  We loose Hunger for God in the hearts and minds of those people.


• We ask the Holy Spirit’s conviction in the hearts of people in our local areas to come to God.

• We pray the Holy Spirit convict the hearts of our loved ones and send people across their paths, to bring our family members to God.

• We pray for increase in all of hunger for the Word of God every hour of every day!  Especially pastors, & Christians.















Guest-Topic: Brother John Hanselman – God Sent an Angel in Answer to Prayer!

Returning this week our guest, Brother John Hanselman, will sharing a vision he experienced.  An angel came down to him at a time when he really needed direction!

For many years Brother John has been studying, publishing, and teaching others of sustainable agriculture including biodynamics, permaculture and natural ways of dealing with waste without the lingering and sometimes not-so-subtle side effects.
















Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

C: Ephesians 6:12

C: But everything exposed by the light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.

C: 2 Timothy 4:1

C: Once you really study the LAW and what it REALLY means, and then study IRS procedures, the IRS doesn’t even follow their own procedures! LOL!Q:  What is protecting us from malevolent species and factions of ETs if they are not all for good?

C: I think that (what is protecting us from malevolent ET factions is) is inter-galatic law or the law of God.

Q: Can Sir T detect ET’s while in public if they are disguised to look like the rest of us, if so how does he detect them?

Q: If Grays can communicate telepathically, then why wouldn’t demons be able to read our thoughts also if they are superior spiritual beings?

C: people generally assume that all their thoughts are their own.  I see evidence that this is not true.  I believe much of the time unclean spirits work to introduce the “thoughts” that are according to their agenda into our minds.  We need to take every thought captive to the Lordship and authority of God.  2 Corinthians 10:5












References & Links:

2 Living ETs Working with US Government – Paul Hellyer Canada


March against Monsanto May 25th, 2013


Kapanadze Generator 2KW ENG SUB









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