Receive your Abundant Inheritance Now!; & Victory Over Cancer!

Sir Timothy shares how to receive what belongs to you as Children of God.  Sir Timothy and Brother Martin discuss a video by a Nuclear Physicist named Charles Hall who has worked with 3 different ET races during his career.




Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Receive your Abundant Inheritance Now!  What belongs to us as Children of God?  How do we receive what is ours?

1 Cor 10:11 …






Our video for this week was a little testimony from Charles Hall and his considerable interaction with tall white extraterrestrials.  While assigned to Area 53 for the United States Air Force in the 1960’s as a weatherman, he had some incredible experiences with the fellow beings.

Sir Timothy shared some comments about some of the details Charles has documented in his recent books that align with WITTS’ understanding of quantum particles and technologies.




Guest-Topic: Brother Riscalla Stephen – Victory Over Cancer!

Brother Riscalla discussed his adventures and victory overcoming cancer.  Cancer threatens almost everyone.  Hear the testimony of one conqueror of this dreaded foe.

He shared about the ability of Speaking to the Body to relieve disease and a medicine-less hospital in China.  Also, about the importance of knowledge, especially knowledge of the deceit that is happening now.

He also talked about taking authority over Chem-trails as well.











Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:


Q: Sir T, is there a “proper” way to make a commandment; to take authority and to command things to occur?
Q:  Do you or have you ever prayed to your guardian angels? Should we?
Q: I wonder if the tall whites still visit this planet?
Q: So, these tall whites are different from the tall whites living in the break-away civilization in Antarctica mentioned last week?
Q: what do you suppose their relationship with God is like? -generally speaking…
C: This is the best school/university ever, thanks God for the program!
Q: sirt… do you offer teaching about this technology that Bro Riscalla described?
Q: Is the Tesla tower safe for health?  How does it compare to EMF from high voltage transmissions towers and lines?
C:  Regarding the technology Bro Riscalla witnessed: Rubber hose to prevent Electrons from flowing, BRILLIANT
Q: Is the quantum energy the activity of just the positrons?
Q: didnt tesla send energy thru the ground?  » using the water table to amp it up?
Q: Do you think these tall white ETs (or any ETs) have bases on the far side of the moon?
C: regarding mainstream health “care”: It just cracks me up that there is always a side effect from the way doctors “practice” and God has given us a full proof method of being healed with the side effect of being healed…
C: we get a lot of chemtrails here in Oregon. I’m about 1 hour from the coast
C: I saw the most chemtrails in Oregon
C: saw 4 chemtrails last evening all very close to each other. Always right over where I live. I’m always finding myself praying those things inert    » who knows, maybe the pilots are in the dark too?
C: (regarding chemtrails) I take authority and command them to turn into an organic fertilizer, spray all the organic fertilizer you would like over my dirt. My garden loves it!
C: We found out here in Ohio that our honey bees are dying from heavy metal poisoning from aluminum!
C: people are waking up to all of the non sense that is happening.  – that’s what we need people that are awake.
Q: SirT, regarding the aliens/nazis in Antarctica mentioned last week; did you actually work with them in person?
Q: Has anyone else ever experienced this – when the Spirit moves me to speak in authority against something, I feel that I need to have an ‘open path’ between my mouth and the ‘subject’ of the ‘word’… example I can’t be indoors if I’m speaking against bad weather. And If I’m driving, I roll down the windows.
C: the bees are also dying due to the increase in microwave energy. They are getting mixed up and not able to make it back to the nest and do their dance correctly…showing the others where the food is…
C: With regard to praying to make an effect upon our world: We are supposed to command. That is acting in the kingly role.
C: I have had the same success with flight turbulence as well Sir T!  Halleluyah!
C: We all need to be daily recharged thanks sirT!
Q: I heard somewhere that chemtrails are causing hyper tension in some people. I wonder if that is the reason I can’t seem to get rid of mine. Any suggestions?
C: I heard you can feel the energy of the pyramids when you touch the walls inside its tunnels…
Q: if you command in gods authority are you not like jesus being tempted in the desert?
Q: Does the ministry offer o3 units? yet?
C: Sulfur in Garlic helps get rid of Heavy Metals
C:  I posted a picture of my pyramid grid that I got from W.I.T.T.S on face book, I got a lot of people asking about it.
Q: How can I block ELF waves coming from unknown source coming straight into my left ear – I was told aluminum sheets helps block it, is that true or what would work to block these ELF waves?  Maybe something to block a safe room etc?
C: If you’re going to give to something, give to something that counts! WITTS counts!
C: Praise God I hope to be more involved in the future.
C: WITTS is the best source of connection to what is possible through love






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