Phil 4:13 – I can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me!; & Complementary Currencies; Make A Sun!

Sir Timothy shares some real-life experience application of this verse that you will find hard to believe.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

An excellent point for meditation!  In these challenging times we live, it is important for all of us.  We can do all things!



Technology: Making a Miniature Sun

As a Special Bonus, Sir Timothy described with details how to make your own Miniature Sun, and talked about a few projects the Ministry has done.  Our video this week covered recent new theories about primer fields.  It is suggested that these new revelations will change how physics understands fundamental forces in all matter.  Sir Timothy shared how these “new” theories are not new at all.  In fact, World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries has had a deep and practical understanding of these principles for over a century!

This is something not too difficult, and is more evidence that our watered down high school science has been incomplete.  Competent experimenters familiar with high voltage should have no problem building this device.




Guest/Topic: Brother Kyle Smith – Complementary Currencies

Brother Kyle and Sir Timothy talked about real-life currency alternatives, and other ways to fix the financial problems we have.




Also, a fascinating testimony was given by brother Rob from Australia who has been following our broadcasts for a number of months.   He recently contacted us very excited with his own testimony of exercising Christian Authority in faith and having some great success!










Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:


Q: A question for Sir T. maybe of topic today but a quick one. Because cedar wood has strong smell, would it be considered a good or bad building material for pyramid?

C: I love the white rabbit testimony!  God is just like God to do that!

Q: If somebody is using a OUIJA board and they seem to have some type of possession, what exactly is that spirit or entity? An actual ghostly spirit, demon, or alien entity? Can anybody expound on the subject of possession?

C: some spirits are good and some evil. playing with Ouija board is like playing Russian roulette imo.

Q: Sir T. Please clarify the statement you said about no radiation from the Sun. I was under the impression that there was tremendous amounts of radiation coming from the Sun.

Q: I was thinking of buying a ION air tester for Pyramid power proof. Is that a good Idea??

Q: Does this plasma experiment add some proof to the theory of the sun being hollow? At some point the plasma looked like it was hollow.

Q: Where do yo get Magnet bowl like those in the video?

Q:  What gasses do you recommend Sir T?

Q: How hot does it get?   Will it melt the glass.  What materials or is it open to the atmosphere for better heat?

Q: If one gets one of these suns to self run, how does one shut it off?

Q: Would this sun be good for crops in winter or indoors?

Q: Does plasma give off any radiation??  If so, is it potentially harmful?

Q: Is this plasma ball the same phenomenon that was between the Cherub on the Ark of the Covenant?

Q: Can you think of any way that someone who is greedy abuse  this system?  Or is it rather foolproof against greed?

Q: With the ledger system, what would you say is the limit in number of users/participants might be?

Q: With regard to the artificial sun: Can we create the plasma ball in liquid non conductive distilled water or oil etc…for transmitting heat energy?….or for creation of HHO?







References & Links:


The Primer Fields, Part 1!








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