Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on GOD’S LOVE: The Way to Victory!, Pt 3;

Guest: Brother Richard Lobwein joining us (tonight from Serrat, New Queensland, AU)

Guest Topic: Mental Muscles for Men – Discusses his coming out of a false personality he had created to cope with trauma as a child.

Some partial Notes…

Step 1: Be honest with yourself, with God, and at least ONE other human being.  Connect honestly with another member of the human race. This was around 15yrs ago for Brother Lobwein.  John Eldridge’s Wild at Heart book was instrumental in his recovery as well.  Says all little boys have 3 main questions they need answered: 1. Do I have what it takes to survive and make it in the world?  2. Do I have what it takes to be fierce and skillful as a warrior?  3. Do I have what it takes to win the heart of a fair maiden soul mate?   If we as men, don’t get the answers to those 3 questions, we become hobbled.  Most dads don’t teach this to their boys because they themselves don’t know it.  These are heart questions, not mind or mental questions.  Indigenous peoples passed these down as a matter of tradition and survival, 21st century people do not.

Step 2: He had to deal with unresolved issues in his life.  If you were abused in life, you must talk about this with at least 1 person to ‘debrief’, or these lingering questions / issues will follow you to your grave.  Bitterness, hatred, other emotions will eat you alive.

As a man, can you tell yourself the truth and be honest about it?


Further Discussion:

Stan Meyer and his device.



-Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Perception – http://spirit2000.com/bruceliptonretreat.htm

-For a great read on ‘Mens Business’, search out the book ‘Wild at Heart’ by John Eldgridge.

-For practical information on mental and emotional healing, do a search on Amazon.com for author Adam Bradshaw and the following books:

1. Homecoming

2. Healing the Shame that Binds You

-For insights into male/female differences, try the book ‘Brain Sex’ by Anne Moir and David Jessel



Tonight’s Program:

1. Love, The way to Victory!

2. Now-time events, and

3. Overcoming your limits.  Your Limits are unlimited!


Greetings, and Blessings! To all brothers and sisters, in the Name of The Lord Jesus!


Sir Timothy will be teaching the 3rd part in the series, Love, the way to victory.


Sir will also speak briefly on where we are in end-time events.


Where are we now?


Is something big about to happen?


Is World War Three, upon us?


What about The GREAT tribulation? Is that here, as well?


Is Elenin and Nibiru for real? (If you do not know what these are, feel free to look them up on YouTube.)


What does Jesus say?


Has he not left us in the dark on these subjects?


What can we do about these things, if they are upon us?


Does God offer any good advice or help, in these troubled times?


Will God intervene for us? Will the family of God help us if things get bad?


Who are the “family of God?”


These topics will be covered on tonight’s program.


God’s word, the Bible, is always up-to-date and covers tomorrows news, today.


Do you want to know tomorrow’s news, today?


God is So Good!


We have a fascinating Guest this evening, Brother Richard Lobwein from beautiful Australia.  He will be sharing wisdom that God has given him on overcoming emotional and physiological handicaps.


He has authored at least one book on this subject, as well as teachings and lectures.  God taught him personally how to become victorious in this area!


And he has helped many! And tonight, he will be helping you.


God Is so Good!


So tune in for a program that will bless you, for a long time to come.


You are welcome to chat in, text in, email in, or call in, any questions or comments for the program tonight.


God Bless You!


Dr J and The World Improvement Team


Thanks! To each and every one of you for being part of, perhaps,