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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on A Prophetic Warning for USA

Guest: Kyle Smith

Guest Topic: Authority, Faith, & Real Life Miracles

Kyle shared some of the miracles that God has done recently, and how he is learning to walk in the power of God in his life.

He shared how it has benefited his family, and miracles that God is doing in his life (By Faith.)


Further Discussion: Questions and answers on a variety of topics including free energy research.


Video on the Chinese Tesla Technology:



September 14, 2011

Our short message tonight (first 20 min or so) will be a little different. A brief but important message of warning to USA. Hopefully this is the only time we have to give a message like this.

But God has made it clear to us, that if we do not give it, then judgement will fall on us as well as the wicked in USA. (There are scriptures that say that.)

So Tonight Sir Timothy will be getting to the subject that God has put on his heart to warn USA about the coming challenges.

The Lord has given Sir Timothy a prophetic warning for USA.

Unless The people of USA repent, seriously, and turn around from their bad ways, USA has a very short time left.

The handwriting is, already, on the wall.

We do not know if it is 9 days from now or 9 years from now.

But we do not believe USA has no more then 9 years left until massive destruction and war on this continent. Unless We All Repent. And start doing all the good we can. The Time is Short.

But the War and destruction could start anytime. The wickedness in USA has piled up to heaven. Many cities today are as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah were, before their destruction.

The Positive side of this is there is yet time to change the future. If people will Repent and turn aside from their bad ways. God can and will spare USA from this judgement. Or at least lessen its severity.

The People of Nineveh listened to Jonah, And turned away from their bad ways. They tore down their bars and houses or prostitution and everyone, even the animals, Fasted and repented to God almighty.

They so changed their ways, that God gave them another 40 years, Before their wickedness again came into Gods nostrils, And then they were destroyed.

We are calling on the people of USA to do the same also.

This once great nation can turn around and be holy again, unto our God. 

The other Positive Side is that God will Preserve the Righteous, no matter what. He Will Give his 2 classes of witnesses Great power and authority to set matters right and to destroy the forces of darkness. Revelation 11.

The good news is our promise in Psalms, “1000 you shall see fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left” But to you the judgement shall not come near”. Lets live holy lives and surrender to God, so that we qualify.

Let’s do as much good as we can, now, while we can.

This Power of God for success and for Good works and for God’s Love, is God’s calling for all of us!

Lets walk this world in Love and in Light , unto our God and Unto his ways. And show genuine help and Godly Love, to all those we come in contact with.

God Is so Good!

On a lighter note, our Guest will be Brother Kyle Smith!  He is a wonderful brother in The Lord !

He will be sharing some of the miracles that God has done recently, and how he is learning to walk in the power of God in his life.

He will be sharing how it has benefited his family, and miracles that God is doing in his life. (By Faith)

So the message overall is a positive one. (As always)

Join us!

Gods Kingdom is Wonderful! And Forever!

Rev 21:5. “He shall restore all things!” Everything that you have missed out on or lost. God will restore it to you. Or make it up to you in some way. This you can count on.

Questions welcome!