Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on How You Can Wield The Power Of God By Faith!  Not only CAN you wield it, you’re EXPECTED to as a child of God!

Guest: Jonathan Gray

Guest Topic: Real Archaeological evidence for the Bible, significance of the blood of Christ and the Ark of the covenant.

Reference: Jonathan’s Website:  www.beforeus.com


Greetings to all in the lovely name of our Lord Jesus, The Messiah!


“The Just Man Shall Live His By Faith” Habakkak2:4 and Rom 1:17—- This is the Word of God! We all must learn The God Kind of Faith and God’s Love, in order to survive the challenges, ahead!


Judgment is coming to this USA.  And soon after to the whole planet.  Jesus said that the most challenging times that the earth has ever seen are soon to come and have already come on this earth. (Mathew 24, 25, 26, Luke 21. Whole chapters)


But the Good News is that God has given us a way out.  It is the Glorious Way Of Faith.  As we walk in The Love of God to all.  Then The God Kind of Faith that Jesus taught becomes easier.


Don’t miss the first 20 minutes tonight.  Learn how you can wield The Power Of God By Faith!


God’s power is available to each of us.  EVERYDAY!


Sir Timothy will be teaching along these lines, and sharing some Awesome personal experiences, of GOD’s Great Deliverers!


Just like God repeatedly delivered the people of Israel under Moses, So he knows how, and desires to, deliver us from all evil!


God has already done his part.  Have you done yours?  Do you know how to receive?

Do you know how to wield the Power of God?!


Learn how, tonight!




Our Guest, tonight, will be our dear Brother, Jonathan Gray.  World Renowned Author, Adventurer, Archaeologist.


He was privileged to have known, God’s Great Archaeologist, Ron Wyatt  (see previous programs: God’s Treasure) and even work along side of him a few times.

Brother Jonathan will be sharing some pictures and experiences about ancient technologies, that he and others have discovered.

A fascinating program, you wont want to miss!

Invite your Friends! It WILL bless them!

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God Bless You All!


Remember The Time is Short!


Lets Work together To bring forth the things of GOD NOW!  Before it is too late.


Jesus said:  “Work the works of God , while it is yet light! The darkness is coming , in which no man can work” John 9:4


Pray, ask God what He would have you do to help this cause, of Real World Improvement.. And Do as God leads your heart.


We only need 300 faithful people, to bring Gods blessings of advanced technologies, to all mankind!


Is God Speaking to your heart to become one of the 300?  (See Covenant Partners page.   www.witts.ws)