Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on POWER Words from the Hebrew Scriptures! (Old Testament) – Old and New Testament Scriptures Demonstrating That YOU are a key element in God doing His will on this planet.



Greetings to all our brothers and Sisters in the Lord!


We have a fascinating program for you this evening!


Sir Timothy will be sharing Some inspiring scriptures and stories from the Hebrew Scriptures.  Also known by many Christians as the Old Testament.


How was Moses instructed to work the power of God?


What strategies did Sampson and others use in their battles with the Philistines?


By what methods were Kingdoms conquered, for the Glory Of our Father God?


Can we use that Power today? Does God want his people to use His Power today?


We had the privilege of being visited this week by a brother from Israel, from the priestly tribe of Levi, I believe.  This is the tribe that the Priests and the High Priests came From.


These men helped lead Israel, They advised The Kings, And the people. They taught the people the Word of God.  They worked on community improvement projects and even world improvement projects.


They also officiated in the various Holy Days and Sacred Ceremonies undo our Father, God.  (YHWH, The Lord, God almighty, Jehovah, Yahweh)


God Bless You!


From The World Improvement Team



The link above is to the newspaper reports, that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the super rich are already using “vaccines” and “mandatory health care” to commit mass murder of millions of innocent babies and others, worldwide.


TAKE NOTE! This is worse then Hitlers Holocaust. And its already started!


The Good news is , WE HAVE AUTHORITY OVER ALL THIS. If only 300 good guys, learn the power of God, We can fix all this. And restore paradise here.


GOD WANTS YOU! to help.


See Gods Word (Revelation 21st and 22 chapters. )


How bad it gets, or how good it gets, is up to us!


United we stand! Divided we fall!


Pray about it.


Do as God leads your heart!