Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on God’s Benefit Package, Pt 3
-God’s Benefit Package for everybody who serves Him in a committed fashion

-God Delivers us from Poverty
-God Multiplies Our Time & Our Accomplishment
-God Increases Our Mind
-Gives us info in our spirit (shows us things to come)  (word of knowledge, word of prophecy.)
-God warns us
-God gives guidance
-gives us things we need
-gives us things even that we don’t “need” (just ‘wants’)  (since the earth and the fullness thereof belongs to God and His kids.)
-Genuine Joy, Happiness
-We’ve Inherited God (He lives inside us.)
-We’re Adopted
– Genuine Agape Love of God for Others
-Authority over all the power of the Enemy
-Eternal Life
-Abundant Life
-Indued with Power from On High
-Mind more in union with God
-Makes us to Prosper & Be in Good Health (3 Jn 2)
-The Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God.)

Find out who you are in Christ…  Search the Bible for: in him, in Christ, who we are

People with special abilities usually attribute it to God, and media usually omits that part!


Guest: Timothy Martin

Guest Topics:
-Tesla’s Secrets were NOT All Lost!
-What really is Static Electricity?
-People Are Programmed & Conditioned
-Team of Committed Christians in Agreement (example: Gideon)
-Henry Ford’s Battle – How He Won the Battle to Get Permission to Mass Produce the Automobile for the Masses
-Timothy Martin Recounts Personal Experience with some ‘strange electricity’ off a Van DeGraaf Generator (not just static like you might expect.)
-Info about ions and subatomic particles
-Capacitors, invisibility, time dilation fields, teleportation
-Montauk, Time Travel, Wormholes for Travel
-Element Transmutation
-T Henry Moray’s Metallurgy
-Recent Element Transmutation