From: Ps. R. C.
To: ‘Witts Ministries2014’
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:01 PM
Subject: you may post this, if so desired

Sir Timothy,
Have you considered posting a testimony on your website about our victory, in JESUS’ name, over Hurricane Irene?
As I remember it (and through my cell phone texting records) I contacted you at 2:46pm (East coast time) on Aug. 26th, saying we should “get some brothers together to TAKE AUTHORITY over hurricane Irene in JESUS’ name!!”.  You replied back that you and some other brothers had already done so, also thanking me for my agreement.
All I DO know, is that GOD’s POWER, THROUGH JESUS’ NAME – is FAR more powerful than ANY storm!
Because we called out in FAITH, BELIEVING that what we asked for in His name would be done, IT HAPPENED!
That storm almost immediately began to weaken, and (quoting the WIKI page on Irene)
“Early on August 27, Irene further weakened to a Category 1 hurricane as it approached the Outer Banks of North Carolina.”
The quote continues:
“At 7:30 am EDT (11:30 UTC) the same day, Irene made landfall near Cape Lookout, on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, with winds of 85 mph (140 km/h). After having tracked over land for about 10 hours, the eye of Irene became cloud-filled, although the center remained well-defined on radar images. Later on August 27, Irene re-emerged into the Atlantic near the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Shortly before sunrise, at about 09:35 UTC on August 28, Irene made a second landfall at the Little Egg Inlet on the New Jersey shore with winds of 75 mph, and soon after moved over water again. Hours later, Irene weakened to a tropical storm with winds of 65 mph (100 km/h) near New York City.
Following its August 28, New York landfall, Irene moved northeast over New England, becoming post-tropical over the state of Maine at 11:00 pm EDT (03:00 UTC August 29). The extratropical cyclone continued northward into eastern Quebec, Canada, then crossed the St. Lawrence River into Labrador before emerging into the Labrador Sea, late on August 29.”
For those that don’t remember… here are just a small sample of the headlines as Irene was heading towards the US Eastern coastline:
NYTimes: With Hurricane Irene Near, 370,000 in New York City Get Evacuation Order
New York officials on Saturday urged residents in evacuation areas to leave immediately as Hurricane Irene started to pummel the North Carolina coast.
Fox News (myFox)Hurricane Irene: Evacuation Information
Mandatory Evacuation for NYC Zone A
ABCnews.comHurricane Irene: Lights to Go Dark on Broadway, NY Subways; Bodybag Order in NC
“As officials in North Carolina reportedly ordered more bodybags for locals refusing to leave what may be Hurricane Irene’s first U.S. landfall zone, the menace has managed what nothing else has been able to do further north — shut down the city that never sleeps.”
ABCnews.comHurricane Irene: Could Be Category 4 By Thursday
Hurricane Irene’s fury is growing and the National Hurricane Center warned today that the storm could be upgraded from its current level of Category 3 to a more ominous Category 4 by Thursday.
(BTW… it never reached Category 4, and by landfall it was reduced to a Category 1 Hurricane – which was AFTER we have taken authority over it!)
(man!… I get so pumped-up when I remember these events!!)
In His service,
R. C.

Ps. R. C.
Dir. of Media Ministries