Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Authority of the Sons of Man, Pt 2

Guest: JT (Jerry Thomas)

Topic: Free Energy Experiments, Practical free-energy, experiences with building and expanding a caduceous coil, experiments with crystals and healing effects


Teaching Highlights

Sir Timothy Thrapp teaching on “As many as are Lead by God, these are the children of God!”

Who are you serving, Yourself, or God?

Definitions of the “Son of Man”. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the Gospels!

We have a personal guide and comforter on our daily walk!!

Children of God are here to turn this world RIGHT SIDE UP!!!

God gave mankind authority, when, and over what?

When the sons of man believe, and step out on faith, GOD WILL MOVE FOR YOU!!!

It’s time to TAKE A STAND FOR GOD… The people of God need to STAND UNITED!

Guest speaker electrical, and electronics engineer, has lived in WITTS QUANTUM ENERGIZED HOME!