Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Investments for Eternity, Pt 2 (Investments In Your Future & The Future of Earth)
Guest: Brother JT
Guest Topic: Secrets of High MPG, 3 Easy methods of Radiation Protection
Further Discussion: WITTS’ Fuel Enhancement Device, Now Available!


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Greetings and Blessings to all!

This week Sir Timothy taught and shared again on INVESTMENTS FOR THE FUTURE AND FOR ALL ETERNITY Part 2.

Would you like to have God as your business partner and business consultant? He is the smartest person in the universe. He is the most powerful person in the Universe. And with Him helping you, you will never lose a dime. And everything you do will prosper.

With the smartest person in the universe at your side, you cannot loose! He knows every event before it happens. And he has the power to change any event, in your favor, to cause you and Him to prosper.

Learn how to make that Partnership with God a reality! Make His Wisdom and His power a reality in your business!

Also, World Class Engineer, Brother JT will be our guest, to talk about some of the latest developments in engineering, and new information now available.  He highlighted his recent report (now available at http://www.witts.ws/gifts detailing several devices currently available, that you can build, that provide between 40% and 100% MPG increases.  One device tested successfully on 11 cars so far.

This brother, not only lived in a house powered 100% by Quantum Energy, but also “wrote the book” on free energy! (Free Energy 101) (Available www.witts.ws)

He has worked on many Quantum Energy projects worldwide.

Additionally, we will be sharing with you 3 simple and easy to get substances that do a fantastic job of protecting you from radiation damage.

An exciting program you will not want to miss!

God Bless You all!
John and Sir T and All The World Improvement Team

WITTS TV 2011-04-27 INVESTMENTS FOR THE FUTURE AND FOR ALL ETERNITY Part 2, Guest (JT) Jerry Thomas – Secrets of High MPG (edited out dead space at end).flv