Gravity Motor FAQ


Q. On the World Healing Campaign, why not just give away the plans each time someone donates, why wait until the end of the campaign? (When will it be released?)

A. The main reason is God has led us clearly to do it this way. His reasons are as follows:

1. There are a lot of wealthy dark side people and powerful organizations, who will stop at nothing to prevent this kind of (easy to build, cost effective, powerful) technology from getting into the hands of the people.

2. Any 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 groups that has it, can be persecuted and stopped by the forces of darkness. (And this is happening everyday)

3. When it is released and built by a very large number simultaneously, (And everyone is encouraged to show the workings to everyone) the dark side will not be able to move against everyone.

It will bless all of MANKIND!

4. The funds raised will go to multiple factories, of not only gravity motors, but to more advanced energy systems, to put them into mass production!

5. Not everyone will build their own, no matter how simple. Many will want to buy one. That is why we need factories.



Q. Approximately how much would it cost for the materials to build a gravity motor that would power a 20KW generator under full load conditions? If I can afford the materials I will be buying the plans from you?

A. If your question is anything like these two, You really should read the gravity motor news release again.


We are not selling plans for a gravity motor.


We are launching the World Healing Campaign.


This campaign will culminate in a GIVEAWAY of a gravity motor.


This gravity motor can be built from parts washed up on the beach, or from parts found at dumps, or in dumpsters.


So it can be built for ZERO in materials, if you know what you are doing.


God Bless You!


Q. How fast is this gonna happen?

A. It depends on each of us.


The reality is it is based on numbers of participants, not days or weeks or months or years. If each person who participates, encourages one new person each day to participate, and they all do the same, and so on, it could happen in as little as 20 days.


If each person does so, in one week, instead of one day, etc, then it would take about 20 weeks. And so on.


So “how fast it happens” depends on each of us, You and I, and everyone whom God is calling. They each must respond, and DO as God leads their hearts.