For those not familiar with Visions…

The main way God leads is through His word The Bible, And the second main way is through the spirit of man, or the heart of man. And this is how God leads most of the time, for most people. (About 95% of the time)

However God leads in other ways also, such as dreams, visions, word of wisdom, word of edification, and so on.

However, if any vision or dream does not line up with both the reborn spirit and the Word of God, then do not accept it.  It is not of GOD!

God gives visions and dreams to his servants for edification and for guidance.

So if the following does not resonate with you, just “eat the meat and spit out the bones”.


Hello Brothers,

I was just pressing into God the Father in love just now and saw and realized something that you are probably already aware of but I want to share it for the sake of sharing something to celebrate.  I have not done this since the “homework” because of “busyness” so I got pretty worn down on many levels.

I see now that it was the enemy, that was wearing me down in an effort to incapacitate me.

I finally realized that this is happening and needed to press into the Father’s love.  So, like before, I laid my arms in front of me and again, in my mind’s eye, looked up the mountain of God.  This time I got past the terrible part and broke through at an altitude where the terrain changed dramatically -just above the clouds.  It was just steep as ever but the surface was smooth and crystalline-like one great crystal running upward. The color was white/yellow.

There was a great deal of light everywhere -especially upward.    All the rough stuff was covering the crystal downward and nothing covering it upward.  After I was finished or God was finished with me, I decided that the rough stuff like what we normally expect from a mountain was from the enemy coming against God.  I say this because the way that a path was pulverized through this upward in a previous vision.  Matthew 12:25-30 points to what I mean to say here.

So, I was able to stand in the light of God’s glory for a while and get recharged.

I see now that knowing of the battle and the enemy’s monstrous movements can really take it out of me and I need to make a concerted effort to recharge regularly.

I also realize that it may be what is keeping others away from the ADVANCED THINGS OF GOD.

I see now why Sir says a lot about staying “charged-up” in the spirit.

So, I bless you all in Jesus name.  You continue to hit the nail on the head with good teaching and healing,  brothers!


On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 Randall Urban wrote:
Thank you Brother John!You help me to get back onto the right track!



On Mon, Mar 28, 2011, Witts Ministries2014 wrote:

Hello brother Randall!

Thank you for your encouraging words!

And don’t let it bother you if people are too caught up in their own world to help bring the solutions to mankind. It is part of the strategy of the enemy to keep people so busy that they have no time and no ability to wake up to the realities of Messiah (Jesus Christ) and of God Almighty and His Kingdom solutions.

God is not in control of this world. Satan is. The Bible says “the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one” (1 John 5;19) And Jesus said, “the ruler of this world is coming and he has no hold on me”. (John 14:30)

And 2 Corinthians 4:4 says, “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the glorious good news, about the Messiah, would not shine through”.

Unfortunately we have a lot of unbelievers right in the church! I have met more then one preacher who has said that God is not real. Or the Bible is not accurate. Or Satan is not real. Etc.

We have so many baby Christians that have yet to grow up and learn to work together for the important things of God. And His Kingdom.

The Church has “majored on the minors”. Instead of majoring on the major points of Gods Kingdom. (According to first Corinthians the first ten chapters, the major points is getting rid of division in the body of Christ and working together in agreement in Gods love)

But the Good News is that many are waking up! (As the world corruption gets more obvious) And then we can help them grow up! By exposing them to good, bible based teaching on how they can start exercising their God-given power and authority over the forces of darkness!

With God on our Side, We are more then Conquerors!

So just spread the good news! The lost and the unbelievers are waking up. Many are changing sides! God is confirming his word with many signs and wonders and healings and many people getting saved!

If you would like to help our ministry to get into a church to speak/teach/and spread the healing power of God, just focus on the healing ministry. Most people are in favor of God healing people.

Many are also in favor of World Evangelism. Also Missionary work. Find out what the interests are of the leaders, and talk about that. As you know, World Improvement Ministries is very busy in ALL the things of God.

Just focus on specific things of God that fire up the hearts of others.

God is so good!

Yes, We are dedicated to help this hurting world. To rescue the starving, and the lost, and the mal-nourished. And the spiritually lost.

We all feel that feeding one starving soul and helping him into Gods Kingdom, is worth more then all the money in the world.

And you are right. This world is truly a backward place.

But that gives us great opportunity to help! Jesus said, “as you did it to the least of these my brothers, so you did it on to me”.

Jesus taught, We store up GREAT treasures in heaven, when we do good here. Even to those who do not deserve it. (Sermon On The Mount)

Many years ago, Sir T wrote a book called “The Richest Man in Heaven”. It is full of excellent spiritual teaching about spiritual and financial matters and what is real riches and what is counterfeit.

(We hope to have it in print again some day. But we will have a condensation of 3 of its chapters, up, online soon. )

But the reason I mentioned that book, is because we often joke with him about him being the “richest man in heaven”. (I am sure he is not the richest man in heaven, but I do think he is one of the richest.) But the point is, The people of this great Earth could receive great blessings, now and forever, if we developed and put into practice, the kind of values, that put heavenly treasures, and Gods Smile, first and foremost in our daily lives.

God says in Malachi 3;10, to test him out in this matter. No-where else does God say to test him. As a matter of fact, it says do not test him on any other matter. Only on this matter.

And the most important tithes and offerings is not money, but our love to Him and His Kingdom, and our loving service to Him from the heart.

God Is So Good!

Take care brothers and sisters!


The World Improvement Team.