Practicing on animals again, our dog got a hold of one of our chickens. I got a hold of the dog to release the chicken and to the best of my knowledge the bird was dead. Limp as could be sure looked dead. After swatting the dog a good one I picked up the chicken and with authority commanded it to live, while holding it in my hands I felt life being restored to the bird. Muscles in the bird started to flex in the bird and the bird supported its head again, eyes opened and it looked at me. I set it down in the coupe and it lived!
 Also when I swatted the dog I broke a blood vessel in my finger it swelled up fast and turned black and blue. I lifted my hand up and took authority over my finger. The swelling went down and bruising went away faster than it swelled up!
 Glory to God!
Also, I’m coming to grips on Mathew 18:19 about 2 or more agreeing together more so because I was taking authority over a blizzard wanting it to leave while my daughter wanted the full force to hit us. While thinking on this my thoughts went back to Mosses and Arron working as a team.
 I’m a work in progress waiting to mount up with wings like eagles. Right now I’m thinking I’m still in the nest waiting to take flight.
 I’m thinking the Father would like to see us all take flight. While in flight I’m thinking He would like to see us as a flock of geese flying in the same direction and while in formation it makes the job easier.
Your brother in His Work,