Hi Folks!

I had to share my (re)introduction to WITTS Ministry. 
I came across your site back in the summer 2010 while searching free energy technologies. I later signed up to receive emails about your broadcasts.
However,  much more time went by before I tried to tune into one broadcast, I since learned it was show #99 because it was to discuss organic agriculture however interruptions prevented me from watching more than the first 10 minutes.
Months went by and I found myself standing in the kitchen when I suddenly realized it was a Wednesday night just past 10pm. I was instantly inspired to tune into your show (Thank you Lord!). I turned on the show (#131 about the Russia meter explosion) just as Sir Timothy was explaining how he was to tour one of the Earth Defense Bases that protect the planet from incoming asteroids.

Wow! I was truly astonished as a couple days earlier I had explained the possible existence of these installations to two of my co-workers having read something years ago about them activating in the Tunguska event. 
I had wondered if it they were the reason this meteor exploded. 
Later that night I found a video of an object striking the meteor before it exploded. I thought that was amazing.
But then I was astounded at hearing Sir T’s testimony about the existence of these ancient structures.
 The timing of my viewing was impeccable and definitely heaven sent!
I was inspired by the Holy Spirit the night of show #131 to send in the video showing the object hitting the meteor and was pleasantly surprised the clip was aired the following week on show #132. I was also honored with the mention of my name on that show as I later learned.

The heavenly synchronicity of events continued. 
I missed the first 20 minutes or so of show #132 because of work so I was waiting for the archived show to appear on the web page to watch it from the beginning (when I was later amazed at the mention of my name in the portion I had missed!) Rather than seeing the previous #132 show or even show #131 as the last show aired when I opened the web page show #99 was there. Being busy I thought I would check back later. When I checked later show #99 was still posted so I decided to watch it.

Reading the description for the program I soon realized it was the the very show I was unable to watch months earlier! 
Amazement continued while I watched the whole show as Brother Martin had a testimony for the books Secrets of the Soil and The Secret life of Plants as well as the Findhorn community. 
They were definitely eye opening books for me too and I have referred them to many others since I first read them in the early ’90’s. They came to me as part of an answer to a soul felt prayer I made to God in the spring of 1992 for solutions to the deteriorating health of people and the planet. 
I was pleasantly surprised to hear them during a Ministry of God as it is was something had I prayed that I one day would hear 🙂 
It is one thing I have learned since tuning into the WITTS program is that this Ministry does not turn its back on the Truth, no matter how uncommon, unusual or incredible. 
May God continue to Bless the WITTS Ministry!

Quickly about me, I was led by the Lord back in 1991 to fully investigate a previous interest in using plants to heal and I continue to be amazed by my findings to this day. 
My work with plants was followed by my important soul felt prayer for greater solutions to health and I was inundated with books and knowledge about organic agriculture and other ecologically sustainable technologies and practices.
 I have been introducing many to the benefits of organic agriculture, using plants to heal and to the wonders and blessings of our Heavenly Father since that time. 
Answers to that prayer also continue to this day! 
God is Great!!!

One other testimony to share is about chemtrails. I was astonished when Brother Riscalla testified about using righteous authority in Jesus name to break chemtrails in the sky and supported by by words from Sir T. I have also done this on one previous occasion when I generated the faith of a ‘mustard seed’ and took authority of the situation and was incredibly moved when the trail completely stopped behind the jet.

I was telling my daughters about that show while driving in the country last evening while a jet was laying a trail. I felt the Holy Spirit well up inside and led a similar prayer with authority over the trail, commanding the angels to help in this effort to dissipate and again the trail began dissolving almost immediately and continued to disappear as fast as the jet could pump it out. In fact, all the other trails in the sky also cleared away!

So today I repeated my effort as another jet was laying out a line on my way to work. Other lines were already floating around the sky. I prayed and took authority over the lines during my 5 minute drive to work here in Simcoe in Southern Ontario. Not only did that trail and all others disappear by the time I arrived at work, the whole sky incredibly remained free of chemtrails for the entire day! 
This is a rarity for my area.
 God is Great!!! Thank you Jesus for what you do on my behalf! 
FYI I am a firm believer in what Jesus taught us in John 14:12 -14 but I am also a work in progress 🙂

I am very thankful for the work of WITTS Ministry and look forward to the work by the Ministry in the future. I am leading others to the WITTS Ministry in hopes of helping you reach your Ministry goals. 
I have been learning much since attending your broadcasts and thank God for your archived shows.
Wednesday nights are a treasure!
God Bless You All!

Brother John Hanselman