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We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

Sir T will be teaching on, “Jesus, went about, healing all that were oppressed by the devil.” Acts 10:38

This will be another exciting, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!


An URGENT note from The Elders of WITTS and Sir T and the entire World Improvement Team:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  We strongly believe in this saying, above.  So, to that end,

We are recommending to everyone that they pray about it… And let us know if you sense that God is leading you to be a builder/producer of water powered engines. (Generators, Motor cycles, Cars Trucks, etc )

If so, send us a email.

Time is short.

We believe the grid will soon go down, worldwide.

We believe that here in 2020, we have already entered into the tribulation period, and you have not seen anything yet! It is just starting with the mild stuff.

We do not want to scare people with all the details of the things coming, so we will just say,

“Draw close to God, and HE will draw close to you…” James 4:8

The GOOD news is: that even during these troubled times, GOD is doing great things! These free energy technologies will be coming out! Big time!

Now is the time to get in position to mass produce and help change the world for the better!

Now is also the time to win people to God! We will see the largest numbers of people saved ever, in this tribulation period!

How is free energy and salvation related?
Both save lives!
Both are solutions to the worlds problems!

At World Improvement Ministries, we offer solutions to ALL the World’s Problems!
We are the experts and the leaders in all kinds of advanced technologies! We have been building 100% water powered engines for nearly 200 years!
We are offering you, an unlimited number of classes to help you succeed!
No joke. No Typo! … 200 years!

Each of us need to ask ourselves,
“Will I partake, in these solutions”?

So, seek God… and if you believe you are called to produce the 100% Water powered Engines/Generators/Cars/Trucks, don’t delay, send us an email today!

These engine modifications are relatively simple to do. If you are a good mechanic, it should be easy for you!
(It starts with you sending us an email telling us you sense God’s leading in your life, to produce water powered engines/generators)
Our email address is wits2014@yahoo.com
We will reply and endeavor to make a win/win deal with you!

We want to set-up / establish, as many producers as we can, worldwide! We are offering unlimited classes to help you succeed!

Time REALLY IS short.
No exaggeration!

Those who know us, know that we strive to NEVER exaggerate.

God bless you!
Sir T and The World improvement Team


Technology & World Highlight:

Water fueled cars and motorcycles have been seen more and more over the years in the Philippines. Daniel Dingle was a name often mentioned by researchers who worked on building HHO powered engines of all types. Find out why!

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Water fuel, sagot sa mahal na gasolina?

Sir T talks about the unique spherical water heater developed by the Ministry which became an unparalleled demonstration on YouTube. The device heats nearly 2 gallons of water from a common small 9 volt battery in just a couple minutes. Unbelievably efficient!

Anti-Gravity Technology Hidden in Nature – Viktor Grebennikov

(2nd half Shown)

Free energy of Tesla. Film (Dubbed into English)

–>Sister Claudia’s Music Pick of the Week:

Breathe | Maranatha! Music (Lyric Video)

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Psalm 34 (Live)

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