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We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

Sir T will be teaching on, “Growing Spiritual Muscles”. Theme scripture: 1 Peter 2:2

This will be another exciting, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!

Technology & World Highlight:

The Holy Spirit comes upon you and convicts you of truth. The Holy Spirit leads you in the paths of righteousness and you progress in the knowledge of God’s mysteries as they are revealed to you with time, patience, a humbling of yourself.

3 Signs That Show You Have The Holy Spirit | Living A Holy Spirit Filled Life (1st 11 minutes)

A Catastrophic Blackout is Coming – Here’s How We Can Stop It | Samuel Feinburg | TEDxBaylorSchool (1st 13 min)


–>Sister Claudia’s Music Pick of the Week:

Because He Lives // Her Heart Sings

In Christ Alone // Sounds Like Reign

Notes / Comments / Questions:

Some Notes:

sirT says they are planning 6 waves of sicknesses
Marat Safin – SirT says to look him up and watch him

Also 4 big dates the Lord is calling him to relate: (could be off a couple days on any of these)
June 21 (the least important date)- Ring of Fire eclipse – certain parts of the planet only – exactly on the solstice 3 or 4 pm in afternoon in Philippines
July 17 – something big he feels will happen
Sept 19 – Thief in the night rapture – must expect it to receive it – expect him at the right time, and be an overcomer and be qualified
He was told by the Lord that WAR would start in 2020
(2 more raptures for the good guys, 1 more for the bad guys totaling 3)
Look back and study his previous teachings on this. Its important to be seeking Him always.

Study, Learn, Grow – follow the clues – God loves leaving clues for his kids to follow

The following march (6 mo later from Sept date – so mar 1st ish 2021 – something big will happen) – 3.5yrs forward from
the great sign of revelation 12 – google revelation it – will show the date this will happen
3.5yrs from that ‘great sign’ s mention 4x in that chapter alone, and the whole book of revelation probably 30 times

Remember, God can change His plan, like in Nineveh.

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