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We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

Sir T will be sharing his teaching, “What is the date given in Revelation chapter 12? The GREAT SIGN…”

This will be another exciting, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!

Technology & World Highlight:

Shemitah, Johnathan Cahn and signs in the Heavens Rev 12

Jesus Returns Movie by Rapture: Are you ready?

Known for it’s anti-bacterial effects, silver has been used for years to fight germs. Colloidal silver is extremely versatile and can be very easily made at home. (BUT see warning below)
How To Make COLLOIDAL SILVER – The Easy Way

Editors Warning: The video above is slightly BAD information – you will make extremely large particle size, contaminated solutions, not fit for drinking, and could cause Argyria, making your skin blue (supposedly that is not harmful, but you might not want to look blue.) Read here to understand: https://www.silverlungs.com/silver.html

You can still use batteries, distilled water, silver wire, but DON’T add salt or anything else. See below too Dr. Beck’s silver video – he demonstrates same method, but he used tap water. This will make 2-3ppm silver concentrations, and he drinks it whitish gray.  But, I’ve read more recent work on silver, that says if it turns gray or whitish, throw it away, your water is contaminated.  They point out that pure ionic silver is clear. Pure colloidal silver is a light golden color, and both taste slightly metallic. Silverlungs link above explains. Their generator makes much more concentrated solution, but if you can’t obtain that, you will still see benefits from the battery / distilled water (heated if possible and when heating – be careful, since its so pure, distilled water can explode from superheating in microwave, just heat slowly – maybe 30s at a time and try to move it around a little – just up to under boiling point.) / NO Salt method. There are lots of things you need to know about making silver, if you’re going to do it yourself successfully. Read that site thoroughly to be fully informed.

The Dr. Bob Beck video is here (and he demonstrates one way to do it with batteries at approx 1hr9min):

NEVER put it in the sun, it oxidizes the silver particles, rendering them gray and ineffective. The 2-3ppm version is extremely sun sensitive, but oddly enough the shelf life and sun-sensitivity on the solutions made with the silverlungs machines is much better, and last months and months. Keep them in clear bottles, stored within a box or paper bag so its obvious if they get irradiated or contaminated (it will turn gray.)  X-rays, other rays will also ruin them, just like old-style photographic film).  If you want to use dark bottles, be sure to pour into a clear glass before drinking to ensure no grayness or sedimentation has occurred.  If your liquid turns any other colors than golden or clear, or develops any sediment, throw it out, or use it only for disinfecting things you don’t take internally or can tolerate a gray color forming on it (i.e., soaking your feet in, and then throwing the liquid out.) Also it has temperature limits, freezing it reportedly will ruin it (turns gray or makes sediment.) When using from a bottle, treat it like a medicine – don’t drink from the bottle as it will contaminate it.

There are many uses for silver solutions: spray on water coolers that tend to accumulate mold, spray on carpet areas that smell of mildew, showers, lots of other uses you can find on internet.

The video shown on the program is a good example of a ‘quick way’ to make large quantities of a more inferior form of it.  IT is NOT pure colloidal silver, but it still might kill bad stuff, and might be good to soak your feet in for a short time, or spray on gray walls to kill and prevent mildew, but definitely DON’t ever drink it or use it internally in any way.
More FAQ’s here: https://silverlungs.com/faq.html

Brother Litke (Tim) and Brother Libbey have been using the silverlungs machine with it’s 20ppm product for many years successfully.

Brother Remington said he’s been using tetrasilvertrioxide from https://silverbiotics.com/silversol-technology/ for some time now with good results. He also said there is some 10ppm version by the same company available to buy at Wal-Mart. You could try it and let us know what you find and how it works for you!


America collapses into a PHARMA state, run by “legal” drug cartels


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The Old Rugged Cross

Come to Jesus (LIVE) – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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