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Hello Brothers & Sisters!

We have some great videos and awesome teachings this week!

This week Sir T will be continuing his teaching: “How to wield the power of God in your daily life!”

Another fascinating, God-anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!

Technology & World Highlight:

Mysterious Signs of “Intelligent Lightning” | NASA’s Unexplained Files (Full Episode)

Has an ancient blueprint of a UFO been found in India? This diagram called Chakra Vimana, literally meaning flying saucer, could be close to 1,000 years old and part of one of India’s oldest religions.

Chakra Vimana – Ancient blueprint of UFO found in India?

Entity Attachments and The Spiritual Effects Of Alcohol. (AL-KHUUL)

–>Sister Claudia’s Music Picks of the Week:

REND THE HEAVENS from Robin Mark’s latest album YEAR OF GRACE

If We’ve Ever Needed You- Casting Crowns

Notes / Comments / Questions:


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