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Hello Brothers & Sisters!

This week Sir T will be teaching, “DARE To Dream Big! Do Not Be Afraid to reach for your dreams!”

This will be another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!



Brother Rand called in and shared from his heart for a few minutes as well.






Special Edition Message!

Get ready!


The Excellent!

The Good!

The Bad!

And The Ugly!


The Excellent!

His Excellency, Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, The KING of Kings, The Lord of Lords, is returning VERY soon. (We expect him any day now)


The Good!

Whole house power system… already on the Legacy gifts page.. read it closely.


The bad…

WW3. See the message below. AND the past 20 UN-programs.


The ugly…

The Anti christ, the false prophet, the NWO, the mark of the beast, moslem rule in most of the world.


The good news! (The Gospel!)

In the middle of it all! Thru it all, the people of God shall be strong and DO GREAT CONQUESTS FOR GOD! And HIS Kingdom! Dan 11:32b



Hello brothers in The Lord!

We are glad many of you are taking steps to get things ready in your life. That is important, in light of what is coming.

Remember the WW3 vision Sir T told us about. Jesus said, and I am paraphrasing a bit, “mankind will have the worst war imaginable. It will be a short war. It will be finished by the end of 2020.

But just like the judgment of Nineveh, If people repent, it can be postponed or lessened or cancelled!

The entire earth will be seriously impacted.

The developed countries like USA and Europe, and Japan will be decimated. The air and the water poisoned. Most people will die.

But the people of God will be protected/safe.

He gave me a command to tell this to everyone. “Tell the people everywhere, to repent and turn toward Gods Love and Holiness.

Few have done so.

He told Sir T that HE, Jesus, is returning to Earth soon, but few expect him now, and few will be ready. Those that are ready, HE will take with Him.

Sir T asked Him What it means to be “Ready”. He really did not get a answer at that time. But now he believes that it is having our heart full of LOVE and FAITH toward HIM and all creation. and walking in love and faith and His power in The Holy Spirit.

HE did say, it would be “A short war”. (Maybe a year long or 18 months?)
Sir T expects it to start anytime. (Maybe 7 months from now). And Jesus’ return anytime also. (Maybe just before the war. I do not know. I forgot to ask that. And he did not tell me that.)

Do u remember the other prophets and prophesies? Have you heard them?
I am thinking of the one from the older sister in Norway. http://www.inthebeginning.com/articles/norway1968.htm
Also brother Hagin, himself. We have covered these on our program many times. About 5 other Prophets as well.

After Jesus showed Prophet Hagin the WW3 total war and destruction, then he, Jesus told Prophet Hagin (in 1950) “The time left until this great judgement, is comparable to the 7 days that I told Noah was left until the world wide flood/judgement! ” (See his book, “I believe in visions”)

My thoughts… 7 days… 7 decades… comparable… hmmm…

But the vast majority of Christians DO NOT expect Jesus in the next 6 months to one year to 19 months…

HE said “at a time you think not likely, the son of man returns!” Mat 24;44 and Mat 12;40

They also do not expect WW3 soon.

Any thought you would care to share?
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God bless you!

Your donations save lives everyday!

Join us for the UN-PROGRAM tonight.

The WITTS Team here.




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Seek Ye First – Maranatha! Music [with lyrics]


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