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This week, Sir T gave a brief overview regarding WITTS Ministries’ history and origins.

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Hello All!

This week Sir T will be continuing his teaching, “Healing Belongs to Us!”

This will be another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!



Brother Rand also joined and shared a significant dream he had.



Technology & World Highlight:

Huge modern aircraft seem to defy not only physics, but logic when adding up the numbers. Is something not right when we look at fuel capacity, distance, weight and other specifications of these huge metal birds?

Passenger Airplanes Don’t Carry Fuel, technological achievement being hidden from public eyes





–>Sister Claudia’s Music Picks of the Week:

All my days (with lyrics)



Sir T’s pick of the week:

Why Me Lord – Kris Kristofferson, Lee Ann Womack, Reba..etc..






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