This week Sir T continued teaching on, “The Abundance of Revelations and Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh.”  Supplementing the teaching was Brother Kenneth E. Hagin via video.  We reviewed a report on how the ancients cut and moved stone with sound, discussed a “Perpetual Light” project, and ended with more answers to your questions during the Q&A session! Join us for another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Hello All!

This week Sir T continued his teaching on, “The Abundance of Revelations and Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh,” a sub-part of the overall series on “Authority of the sons of God!” Brother Kenneth E. Hagin also joins by way of video teaching to share additional benefit on this important topic.

Sir T recommends listening to Brother Kenneth E. Hagin a couple hours a week.

And if seeking healing in particular, listen to or read Brother John G. Lake’s teachings as well. There are several on YouTube.

Another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!

Kenneth E Hagin 1982/06/01 Paul’s Revelation




Technology & World Highlight:

–>Examples of incredibly intricate and precise stonemasonry left behind by ancient civilizations are evidence of lost techniques. Did these talented craftsmen have advanced tools to fashion amazing structures from massive stones?

How the Ancients Cut Stone with Sound – Lost High Technology Explained | Ancient Architects




–>Sir T will discuss a “Perpetual Light” project which employs some clever circuitry to keep a small battery charged which is used for LED light output. He’ll also discuss multiple techniques that can be used to tap power from the ambient surroundings.

A Perpetual Light






–>Sister Claudia’s music picks of the week:

1. I Will Restore (No link)

2. In His Time – Maranatha! Singers






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