This week, Sir T taught on “The 7 Steps To The God Kind of Faith.” God’s Word is not just for Sunday, it’s for every day! You should teach it to your children!  Deut 6.  Deut 11. and many others.  A couple demonstrates amazing feat of working together on a guitar.  Walking in Love? We can do it!  We also cover some of the silent weapons for the war in progress on humanity – things we all need to be aware of, but also know we have authority over these things by the power of Jesus.  Further, once you know you’ve been made war upon, you can defend yourself appropriately.  We also cover a bit of how video/audio can now be used for fakery at previously unknown levels.  And also an interesting and informing Q and A as always.  …Join us for another un-program you won’t want to miss!

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Hello All!

This week Sir T will be teaching on, “The 7 Steps To The God Kind of Faith.”

This will be another fascinating, God anointed teaching that you won’t want to miss!


Sister Claudia joined and shared a prayer with us.





Technology & World Highlight:

–>TICO TICO 4 hands – Duo Siqueira Lima




–>As internet connectivity continues to become pervasive, legacy business models may be hindering not only its use but also its costs. Are there other solutions? Is so, where are they?

EXTINCTION Plan for Humanity DEPLOYED – Silent Weapon System




–>Computer processors and algorithms are becoming increasingly powerful and are creating challenges in determining what’s real or not. How will we navigate day to day when our eyes and ears are easily fooled?

Nothing Is Real Anymore..




–>This week’s songs:

You Are My Hiding Place (As The Deer – Maranatha Singers)




One Pair Of Hands By Elvis Presley (LOST SONG)




You Raise Me Up (with lyrics) – Selah







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